This morning, while out walking,

I hadn’t gotten very far…

when I happened to look up

and see a shooting star.


It was in that magical time of day,

before the night gives way to dawn.

I saw a flash,

a streak of light,

and then… the star was gone.


And I had to stop and marvel

at how that star and the night contrasted…

there but for a moment…

beautiful while it lasted.


I continued on my morning walk

again, I hadn’t gotten very far,

when I realized how all of us

are like that shooting star.


No matter how we see our life…

of this there is no doubt

We are here but for a brief moment 

before our light burns out.


I made a wish upon that star:

That everyone would be loving and caring and kind…

so people will smile when they see their star


and at the light they leave behind?

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What A Great Way

to start the day: reading this poem. Inspiring ~allets~