I noticed the old man every morning as he walked by on his own…one day I stopped and asked him, “Old man…why do you walk alone?”


The old man, who was always smiling, turned and his smile fell on me… “I never walk alone.” he said, “as long as there are trees.”


“As long as there are birds who in those trees do sing…as long as there are crickets chirping…as long as there are flowers in the Spring.”


As long as there’s a breeze in my face…as long as there is water in the bay…as long as there are rabbits who hop with me along the way.” 


“As long as there are owls who hoot heir morning tune…as long as looking down on me…there is a sliver of the moon.”


“As long as there are stars and planets in colors white and yellow and red…as long as there are clouds to greet me gently floating overhead.”


“You ask why I walk alone,” he said, “but alone I never will be…as long as the memory of my wife is walking next to me.”


“I’d love to stay and talk more,” the old man winked, “but it is such a beautiful day.” Then the old man smiled saying, “so we best be on our way.”


Most days now I wave at him as he walks with his memories…

his trees…

his clouds…

but every now and then…

with the old man’s blessing…

he lets me join the crowd.



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There was this old couple walking on the beach…an old Grandma and Grandpa…and the more they walked the more they smiled at all the wondrous things they saw.


For they realized as they walked the beach…free of borderlines and fences

How one simple walk along the beach is a treat for all the senses..


Here are but a few things they experienced before their walk was done:

They saw a sky so blue it didn’t seem real…they saw clouds painted by the sun


They saw those same clouds block the painter…and immediately became aware…of how their colorschanged to blue…and there was a coolness in the air.


They saw pelicans glide high overhead…they saw sandpipers dart…and scurry

They saw people walking…some moving slow…others in a hurry.


They saw a sister chasing her brother through the water…her brother laughing…paying her no mind…They saw their father keeping a watchful eye…not too far behind.


They saw fishermen with lines cast…with giant catches in their thoughts.

They saw herons and egrets waiting patiently so see what they had caught.


They saw a child and his mother jumping waves while holding hands…then heading back to shore to make a castle in the sand.


They felt the coolness of the water as they floated on the waves…They saw dolphins and huge ships…They felt the salt spray on their faces and tasted it on their lips.


They smelled the ocean, the sand…and sunscreen…aromas they adore…

They listened to the roar of the ocean as it crashed upon the shore


Sometimes they stopped their walk…this was totally unplanned..

So they could listen to the stories hidden in the wind…the waves…the sand


And when their walk was finished…they were left, as usual, without speech…

glad to be together…

one old couple

walking on the beach.

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There is one kind of beauty in a morning walk illuminated by the moon..and yet…there is a different kind of beauty walking after a rain…when all the streets are wet.


The streets take on a glow…one you never see at noon…the shadows seem to shimmer in light reflected from the moon.


There is a freshness in the air…a coolness in the breeze…as it carries with it raindrops it has shaken from the trees.


Still enough raindrops remain upon the trees…those unable to take flight…giving the trees a feeling of Christmas…as they sparkle in the night.


Age seems to fade away…as you breathe the misty air into your lungs…as you splash around in puddles…like you did when you were young.


If you listen to the crickets…the owls…the nightingales…you find it difficult to decide…if you are hearing more sounds than usual…or if they’re just amplified.


You stop a moment…look up…and give thanks…grateful you’ve been allowed…to watch the moon, the stars….the planets…playing hide and seek among the clouds.


And you pause as you’re walk is ending…trying to remember everything because you don’t want to forget…

the sights

the sounds

from your morning walk…

when all the streets are wet.

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Today’s poem is a gathering of notes I recently lifted from my journal…about the sights and sounds I had the other day on my morning walk…nocturnal.


From the moment I stepped out of my door…in voices loud and strong…a symphony of crickets greeted me with song.


And I must applaud their stamina…for no matter how much their lungs were stinging…through the entire length of my walk…those crickets kept on singing.


How wonderful for me…on this morning promenade…to be accompanied every step of the way…by a cricket serenade.


As I walked under a street lamp I encountered in my sight…the fluttering of moths who, like me, were attracted to the light.


I did my best to warn them, "Fly away!" I said…."Go back!"…because the bats were right behind them…looking for a snack.


Looking past the bats and moths…with the crickets all in tune…a blanket of clouds floated overhead back-lit by the moon.


A misty rain began falling from the clouds in raindrops soft and light…just enough to quench the thirst of the flowers blooming in the night.


I could hear the ocean in the distance and as I felt a morning breeze I noticed a family of rabbits playing in the shadows of the trees.


As I was finishing up my early morning circular commuting…in the tree in front of our house a horned owl started hooting.


The owl asked me if I had a nice walk…”Why, yes I did! I said.

Then the owl wished me good night as he headed off to bed.


Which makes me wonder what sights and sounds will end up in my journal…


and the next day…

as I take my morning walks…nocturnal.

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Once a day I like to walk in silence…not only to concentrate on what I see…but to listen in to what the voices of the Earth are trying to say to me.


There are voices in the trees, in the clouds, in the mountains and the creeks…and if I listen closely in the silence…I can hear those voices speak.


And the more and more I listen to the voices of the sky, the sea, the land…the more of what they’re saying I begin to understand.


I can hear if one animal is happy or another one’s in pain.

By listening to the wind and the clouds…I begin to understand the rain.


Across the sky and hiding in the trees…are many different languages..a myriad of words…after listening in silence to them…I begin to understand the birds.


The rooster who announce it’s time for the sun to rise…the owl and the nightingale who tuck their families in by singing a lullaby.


I’m not sure how it works but a simple walk in silence as the day’s about to start…seems to give the voices of the Earth time to reach into my heart.


Which makes me wonder if this wouldn’t work with people…family and friends we meet along the way…What if we listened more in silence to what they had to say?


What if silent listening to the words of others…once from their lips their words depart makes it easier for their words to find a way into our hearts?


For I believe it’s only when words have been planted in our hearts that they have a chance to grow…why do I believe this…because on a silent walk one morning…

a little birdie told me so.


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She does not remember…in truth she imagines it would be a shock

If she could in any way remember the day she learned to walk


The first time she haphazardly put one foot in front of the other

teetering into the arms of her father…or could it have been her mother?


A time when each step, though precarious, felt wonderful and new

The first time she saw the world from a different point of view. 


The moment she suddenly became aware 

of the wonders that surround her.

The day she discovered the marvels, 

the surprises 

the miracles 

all around her.


She’s also not sure how walking became second nature

She can’t remember when…

but she wanted to recreate as best she could that feeling once again.


So she stepped outside and began to walk

at an unhurried…deliberate pace

and as she did she could not lose the smile on her face.


In that moment she she was thankful 

(though she walks now with more deft)

how all the wonders she once felt

had, actually…never left.


As once again she became aware

of the wonders that surround her

of all the marvels

the surprises

and the miracles that surround her


And she loved exploring with each footfall…

the hidden wonders she was unlocking

as she, once again, took her first steps


and rediscovered the joy of walking.

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I’ve taken many a walk by myself…seen the sunrise…

been greeted by a morning breeze

walked along the streets, the sand…followed a path among the trees.


Walking refreshes my attitude…my outlook

my view of the world as a whole…

It strengthens my heart, 

stimulates my mind…and reinvigorates my soul


But as much as walking by myself has served to brighten up my life

a walk is even more inspiring…when walking with my wife.


Away from the encumbrances of technology

walking in the mountain or along the coast

We are reminded of all we have and share…everything that matters most.


But if the joys of walking with my wife are easy to comprehend…

the benefits increase exponentially…when we walk with a friend.


Our hearts, our souls…our minds are constantly surprised…

when we add a new perspective…another set of eyes…


And when we talk to other people on our walk…strangers we meet along the way

I can’t be sure but I have a feeling…it brightens everybody’s day.


Which only goes to prove…

how waking and life can be compared…

for each by itself can be beautiful…but much more beautiful when shared.


And so I wonder when we look for solutions to hate and killing and war…

Would we find the answers more easily….


if we all walked together a little more?

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We love to walk in the morning…we know our walk is not complete

unless we walk the way the native Americans did…

as if we’re kissing the Earth with our feet.


At home we walk to the ocean…at our cabin mountain paths we take

our walks of late to our delight have centered around a lake.


We walk early as the sun is rising…before the summer day gets hotter

It’s also the only time we get to watch the fog dance across the water.


As the sun peeks over the mountains signaling the day’s about to begin

Her sunlight widens like a smile and the lake reflects her grin. 


Water spiders dash in and out of the fog…perhaps eating…or just having fun

Every fitful movement they make…highlighted by the sun.


A family of deer sees us coming…they also like to rise at dawn.

The mothers eyes us cautiously as she devotedly protects her fawn.


When she is confident we mean no harm…we see her trepidation decrease.

Her family goes back to eating and she let us pass in peace.


We see spots of yellow quickly moving and wonder…

is the sun playing tricks on our eyes

until we realize it’s not the sun but a family of goldfinches flitting by.


We stop and listen to their singing….from their nests in the trees they've made

and we feel privileged to hear a rare treat…a goldfinch serenade.


In another tree just up ahead a squirrel…enjoying the view

We wonder is he watching us…or did he stop to listen too?


Much of our walk is done in silence…because in silence it is clear

all the wonders we can see…so any wonders we can hear…


Around the lake we see our house…another wonderful morning walk complete


It’s amazing how much beauty we see when we kiss the Earth with our feet.

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I took Angus for a walk this morning…it seemed only fitting

Angus is our neighbor’s dog whom we happen to be sitting.


We walked early before the sunrise while all the lights were low

Angus has Arthritis in his back leg…so we walked a little slow.


The block of houses next to us…we walked one time around

and as we walked I wondered what it’s like from his perspective on the ground.


Since it’s impractical for me to walk on all fours I thought this morning we could share…

Angus’s view from on the ground…and mine from in the air.


Angus paused after we stepped outside…I asked if he was in any pain

He wasn’t…he just stopped to smell…the earth after a rain.


With no one else around this early I told him this moment ours

and as he introduced me to a million bushes I countered with a million stars.


When he would stop to smell or listen…I’d stop to smell and listen too

and as he guided me into grass and shrubs we both were sprinkled with morning dew.


It was a short walk, Angus was limping, we didn’t go as far as we usually do

but he was just as excited walking on his three legs as I was on my two…


Because we found there is a serenity walking in the morning..a peacefulness we reap


as we tiptoe through the darkness while the night is still asleep.

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