There was this old couple walking on the beach…an old Grandma and Grandpa…and the more they walked the more they smiled at all the wondrous things they saw.


For they realized as they walked the beach…free of borderlines and fences

How one simple walk along the beach is a treat for all the senses..


Here are but a few things they experienced before their walk was done:

They saw a sky so blue it didn’t seem real…they saw clouds painted by the sun


They saw those same clouds block the painter…and immediately became aware…of how their colorschanged to blue…and there was a coolness in the air.


They saw pelicans glide high overhead…they saw sandpipers dart…and scurry

They saw people walking…some moving slow…others in a hurry.


They saw a sister chasing her brother through the water…her brother laughing…paying her no mind…They saw their father keeping a watchful eye…not too far behind.


They saw fishermen with lines cast…with giant catches in their thoughts.

They saw herons and egrets waiting patiently so see what they had caught.


They saw a child and his mother jumping waves while holding hands…then heading back to shore to make a castle in the sand.


They felt the coolness of the water as they floated on the waves…They saw dolphins and huge ships…They felt the salt spray on their faces and tasted it on their lips.


They smelled the ocean, the sand…and sunscreen…aromas they adore…

They listened to the roar of the ocean as it crashed upon the shore


Sometimes they stopped their walk…this was totally unplanned..

So they could listen to the stories hidden in the wind…the waves…the sand


And when their walk was finished…they were left, as usual, without speech…

glad to be together…

one old couple

walking on the beach.

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