She does not remember…in truth she imagines it would be a shock

If she could in any way remember the day she learned to walk


The first time she haphazardly put one foot in front of the other

teetering into the arms of her father…or could it have been her mother?


A time when each step, though precarious, felt wonderful and new

The first time she saw the world from a different point of view. 


The moment she suddenly became aware 

of the wonders that surround her.

The day she discovered the marvels, 

the surprises 

the miracles 

all around her.


She’s also not sure how walking became second nature

She can’t remember when…

but she wanted to recreate as best she could that feeling once again.


So she stepped outside and began to walk

at an unhurried…deliberate pace

and as she did she could not lose the smile on her face.


In that moment she she was thankful 

(though she walks now with more deft)

how all the wonders she once felt

had, actually…never left.


As once again she became aware

of the wonders that surround her

of all the marvels

the surprises

and the miracles that surround her


And she loved exploring with each footfall…

the hidden wonders she was unlocking

as she, once again, took her first steps


and rediscovered the joy of walking.

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