true story


Little town there in the back woods

in this Northern Florida soil

former slaves in peace there lived

employed in honest toil

Peaceful people come to live

back in the early teens

free at last to carry on

and build upon their dreams

Each one had a garden plot

and a little shanty home

for slavery now abolished

gave them hope to carry on

A loving folk in cotton dress

living off the land

building hope for future things

back in the sugar sand

But murder came to visit them

they were massacred in their sleep

children and old women too

and would make the black man weep

All because a whte man beat his wife

and she all bruised with lying tongue

blamed it on a black man

who was ignorant and young

And on that fateful silent night

when the moon was shining high

the white man came with torch and plots

for to make the black man die

And so the viliganties came

with bayonet and gun

and mowed them down where they sat

and killed them every one

Little children in their beds

dreaming childhood dreams there in the night

and when the lawmen found them there next day

they cried, at this awful sight

So in the woods the people ran

to hide neath bush and tree

but white men chased them with pointed hoods

and it did no good to flee

The mournful ones, the few that lived

cried gently in the night

to find their loved one all had gone

their souls had taken flight

Now the cries of all the innocent

voices crying out for sweet revenge

and all the woods are crying now

for it's left a bloody tinge

Palmeettos now have swept away

the lonely paths of time

and foot prints long have gone

but black men still gather in the night

to weep in mournful song

And still sometimes late at night

 deep in those piney woods

neath pine needles slim and long

you may still hear the sound of running feet

and hurtful screams

when night time winds doth moan




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My great grand pa had a brother

who was nice as he could be

he had a sweet old fashion girl

 they wed in nineteen thirty three


They had a little homestead

and he built a small log home

they raised some pigs, a cow ot two

some chickens, and an old dog named Bone 


They went to church each Sunday

and prayed for a child or two, maybe three

but what the good Lord gave them

was funny as could be


First along came Madeline

with blue eys and long blond curls

and as she grew she became more beautiful

and gave all the boys a whirl


Next along came Lucy

with long straight auburn hair

but Lucy was a tom boy

with which no male could compare


Number three was Mary

who was gentle, slim and tall

she bacame a country school teacher

and was smarter than them all


Pretty soon came little Martha

who grew up to cook and sew

and if you needed advice on anything

ask Martha, she would know


And in a few more years came a small surprise

Louise became her name

she loved to play piano in the church

find old hymn books and sing


Then along came Laura

she was a bully and her voice was always heard

she loved to dominate the men

and sometimes was absurd


Last now, but not the least

came litle Malinda Ruth

she grew up to be a real good nurse

and that's the dying truth


Now the years went flying by so fast

and no more children came

there was no son with whom to hunt and fish

nor carry on his name


but life goes on


Now Madeline married a man named Wolfe

and lucy married a Fox

Mary married a man named Camel

with snow white beard and locks


Martha married a man named Deere

and Louise married a Lamb

and Malinda Ruth married a weakling

who could never take a stand


Now the old man would stand and scratch his head

and think, why did this happen to me

for seven women in his house

was six more than there ought to be


Now he added more rooms on the old house

for the girls all brought their husbands home

and now it was just a mad house

for t'was no way to be alone


Then he had a grand idea

he'd start a circus band

for all his son in laws played instrument

and they could travel oer' the land


But  now you say, a circus band

well listen, what do you hear

for theres a Fox a Wolfe, a Camel

a Bird, a Lamb and a Deere


Now the ending of this story

is a wonderous one, so there

for they really did have a circus band

for the old mans last name was Bear







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For what reason did you think you had the right?
I said no and fought with all my might.
You didn't listen, for you didn't really care.
You laced your fingers around the small of my back which was bare.
Then pushed yourslf into what could never belong to you..
Your grip was hard as you told me what to do.
The more I tried to resist, the more it hurt inside.
All that was left to do was to sit, and wait, and cry.
You pound my body and go deeper.
You had become my innocence reaper.
With every passing second the pain didnt go away..
The panting in my ears, you whispering for me to stay.
You took without remorse.
You gave me no choice.
I will never forget the pain I heard in your voice.
When you were finished you left me there alone.
You took the only thing I had left, and could ever call my own.