Dubai’s crazy vibrant nightlife is famous around the globe. Late night entertainment, parties and world-known Dj’s and artists are major highlights of Dubai nightlife. Dubai is one of the most popular international holiday destination majorly packed with tourists all around the year. It is recommended to book hotels, car rentals, attraction visits in advance to avoid delays and last minute troubles. Such as car rentals can easily be booked with there are endless sites for hotels and other bookings. Dubai is flooded with places to offer promising night experience, varying from nightclubs, bars to lively events and speakeasies.






White Dubai is biggest largest and the most exclusive nightclub of Dubai located on the roof top of Meydan Racecourse Grand Stand. It is open only in winters from 15th September onward. It is great place to enjoy drinks, dance and spectacular view of Dubai skyline. Everyday there are live performances, urban beats and EDM DJ sets. This club is crowded even after its huge size.




CLUB 360


One of the renowned club of Dubai, 360 is a rooftop club located approximately 1 km out into Arabian Gulf. It is designed in a circular building and also offers stunning views of Burj Al Rab and ocean. Club 360 is more popular among sophisticated crowd for parties. Club hosts variety of international Djs those make people dance on their beats till wee hours of the morning.






Classic club of Dubai, Cavalli is longest running and exclusive club of Dubai. From years, Cavalli Club is a popular party destination in Dubai. Stunning setting, charming interiors, low hanging chandeliers adds up to the charm of this classy place.






Located in world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa Armani Prive is glamorous party destination of Dubai. This club has a unique next level feels to luxury and glamour. International DJ’s, private live performances, DJ sets by residents are major highlights of Armani Prive.






This club is an interesting combination of glamour and freak thriving with vibrant party scene every night. It is located on Sheikh Jayed Road and well known in Dubai for its extreme circus theme. One of the best performances in Dubai are hosted here, from EDM Djs to Hip-hop everything is wonderful here.


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By jfarrell



I’m too old to get the whole ‘selfie’ thing

And that’s ok, so are the selfies; (ok, I mean)

But, Auschwitz, Grenfell…

Why take a selfie at a mass grave?


What is it with the new breed of tourists?

Mass graves; needing to watch people starve;

Needing to see the misery and suffering,

Up close.


For entertainment. Recreation. Humour.

My only criticism of Obama is that selfie;

Him and david cameron at Mandela’s funeral;

What the hell happened to respect?


What the hell happened to reaching out and helping?

Tell you what, I hope you don’t mind;

While you lie there bleeding…. dying…..

You won’t mind if I take a selfie will you?




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say "CHEESE"

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