What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet

and filled it with valleys and mountains and trees

with wildflowers that bloom in Spring

with fishes, and birds and bees.


What if they added waterfalls…and ladybugs…an occasional butterfly

and sunrises and sunsets so colorful they kaleidoscope the sky.


And what if once they were finished the Gods were so elated

with the beauty and magnificence of the planet they created


they decided this beauty needed to be experienced to be felt…and thus

what if the Gods created people to enjoy it…what if the Gods created us.


What if the Gods hoped we’d not only appreciate the love and beauty that surround us

but spread that love and beauty to everyone and everything around us.


What if the Gods never dreamed anything bad would happen

What if the Gods were wrong…

What if the people tainted the beauty the Gods created

What if the people could not get along.


And what if now every time the Gods look down on us

every time they realize their mistake…

their tears fall as rain from the heavens

filling our oceans our rivers…our lakes.


What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet

with but one hope…that we’d enjoy it…

What if the Gods created the most beautiful planet…

and all we did…was destroy it.

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We adults tend to lose ours innocence as the years unfold…

which is why the innocence of our children is a beauty we behold.


Children sing before they realize there even is a song.

They dance whenever any kind of music comes along.


They draw upon a canvas before they realize it’s a wall.

They climb as high as they can climb before they understand the fall.


When we see innocence in our children…we are happy to detect it

and we realize it’s up to us to nurture and protect it.


But a question now arises which leads to a scary thought…

What happens to this innocence when our children have been shot?


Let’s stop a moment to remember…to take a closer look

How we did nothing back in 2012 after Sandy Hook.


Oh, we prayed, we mourned, we wept…and we said we’re sorry too

as we told the grieving parents…there’s nothing we can do.


And every day since then our country has paid a tremendous cost

as more children have been murdered…and more innocence has been lost.


Never again will they sing, or dance, or draw upon a wall

Never again will they marvel at the Heavens, or climb up high, or fall.


In 2012 we stopped protecting our children…our daughters and our sons

our love for them now less important than our obsession with a gun.


As the two sides fight with one another to do what is required

All the children of our country are caught in their crossfire.


A child will play with a ray of light before he realizes there’s a sun

A child will attempt to pull a trigger...before he realizes it’s a gun.


But we know what harm a gun can do…and if we want our children to survive

we must do all that’s in our power to ensure they stay alive…


If we continue to allow their innocence to be taken…

in this most heinous kind of theft…

There will come a time, 

if we haven’t reached it already 


when we have no innocence left.

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What if the death of any person anywhere hurled us into blackness

a world of darkness we could not shun

as if when that person was taken from this world

someone permanently shrouded the sun.


What if it led to a sadness so pervasive…even on the most beautiful days of Spring

we cold not see the flowers bloom…we could not hear the songbirds sing.


What if the death of any person anywhere threw us into a hole of sadness out of which we could not climb

an anguish…a sorrow so profound…it could not be absorbed by time…


What if the death of any person anywhere in the world hurled us into blackness

a world of darkness we could not shun…

Perhaps then we’d find a way to do away with wars,

with bombs…

with killing…


with guns.

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A teacher found a weathered copy of her poem…

And immediately reminisced…

for never had he read a poem…as sad or beautiful as this:



“I want you all to write a love poem,” He told his class,

“For love is beautiful…and grand…”

when he was interrupted by a student…who quickly raised her hand.


“My daddy was killed by a crazy person with a gun.” she said.

“How can I contemplate…

words of love and joy…

when I’m filled with so much hate?”


He had anticipated many questions…but this one…he never guessed…

He walked over, put his arms around her…and hugged her to his chest.


“When hate is all around us”, he said…”when bullets rain down from above…

That is the time we must fight hate…and search for words of love.”


“Look into your heart.” he said, ‘words of love are waiting there

words of love you will discover…words of love you’ll want to share.”


He returned to his desk amid silence…and during the interlude

the class all wrote their poems…in a quiet solitude…


He wasn’t sure what to expect until that night at home

when he came to her assignment entitled…


                                            This Is My Love Poem


My daddy used to talk about love…before he’d turn off my light…

He said love is a wonderful way to start the day…and the best way to say goodnight.


So I will try everyday to think in words of love…no matter what my fate

hoping the words of love I find…will overcome my hate…


I hope someday to discover the love I’m searching for…

For hate has won this battle…but I won’t let it win the war. 


Perhaps if words of love, instead of bullets, were falling from the sky

then love would finally vanquish hate…and no more Daddies would have to die.


Yes, hate has left me with a scar and my dreams will be forever haunted…

but I promise to try and look for love, because…



that’s what Daddy would have wanted.

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When we are sad the tears we form can be healing and satisfying…

What do we do when he have no tears left

but we haven’t finished crying?


Another person with a gun killing unsuspecting folks….

This latest one in California…at a bar in Thousand Oaks…


Each new shooting spree fails to bring us together

in fact it tears us more asunder… 

as again we cry for the victims

as again we’re left to wonder…


With each new murder of the masses

With each new innocent dying…

What do we do when we have no tears left

but we haven’t finished crying?


It saddens me to see the sorrow on each face

of those affected by this massacre

in this new time…

in this new place…


But knowing this is not the last time this will happen between our shores…

knowing this has become routine…

saddens me…

even more.


What do we do when faced with a reality

we have trouble justifying?

What do we do when we have no tears left


but we haven’t finished crying?

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8. Violent Mercy

Black Shades

Bleeding heart, sore daggers.
I am agonized byond myself

at all the violence,

was the world meant to be torn to shreds like paper?

What violent mercy we have serrcum to!

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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When we first hear the news of another shooting

another list of people dead

we are saddened and our hearts ache

and we immediately bow our heads.


We bow our heads in silence 

for we don’t know what to say.

We bow our heads in reverence. 

We bow our heads to pray.


We pray this killing will stop!

That today will be the last day!

That all sides will put away their differences

and somehow find a way…


to solve this horrendous problem

instead of trying to cover it up!

Because we’ve been bowing our heads so often now


It’s getting harder and harder…to look up.

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Sliced and Diced

Razor blades used

to cut the body to shreds,


Sliced and diced like



Blood flowing without interruption


Death's sun setting


Beginning of the ending


Scarlet's overtaking


Blood flows sweating!!!!



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As I watch our country send it’s people away…while trying to keep others out

I wonder about the flame that warms our melting pot…when did that flame go out?


As I watch our president stir up hate and anger so talk about building a wall can begin

I wonder…what happened to our founding fathers who invited everybody in…


As I watch what the adults are doing with our world…how everything they do seems so wrong…

I wonder…what happened to the children…who were taught to get along?


As I watch a world at war with itself…filled with hate and discontent…

I wonder…what happened to the children who were once so pure and innocent?


As I watch people hate other people because of their skin…their religion…their name

I wonder…what happened to the children…once taught to treat everyone the same?


As I watch religious people use their religion to hate lesbians and gays…

I wonder what happened to those innocent children…the ones we taught to pray…


To pray for love throughout the world…to pray that war and hatred would cease…

To pray that everyone would live together in harmony and peace.


And then I remember those children…the ones who laughed…who wanted only to have fun…

Since 1999 from Columbine to Stoneman High…

we’ve been killing them with guns.



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