Life has a habit of beating one down

From any highs that it happens to throw your way

It’s indeed like a roller coaster

With highs and lows and 

Unexpected loops 

And different



Flip you upside-down

While others 

Do not

Except in life when the tracks come down

From a peak that makes you feel 

Like you’re on top of the world

It throws you into the ground

Makes you pick up the pieces and rebuild

Before the next peak

Which, just like a roller coaster

Is over far too soon


To be properly enjoyed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hello esteemed reader

I am always looking to better my writing and thus urge anyone who reads this to let me know what they think about it



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Loving you is a rollercoaster
And I’m in for the ride
I’ve never been so up in down
In my entire life
Everything goes so slow
Right before you drop
But then everything’s so fast
My heart could nearly stop
Sometimes you’ve got me so confused
I don’t know where I’m going
But I’ll tell you, just going on the trip
Makes my blood start flowing
And though you may stop and turn off
I’ll still be sitting there
Cause though the ride is so insane
I ride it cause I care
(So there :P)

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem and White Knight were both made over lunch at Wendy's during a road trip.... just having fun. Enjoy.

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