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When I stand the wall reflects the shadow,

My very own shadow. Two eyes are there

Behind the screen of the glasses, the procession of the khaki

I behold in the city everyday.

There is a head on the shoulder,

The head is beset with black and grey hair. Routinely

The air does pass through the tunnels of the nose.


I have a face,

Two hands, here goes my shirt,

Trousers, wristwatch.

Here is my chest,

The heart keeps beating,

Time and again. I have a pen, it is capped, Now I do write

Amid the wind, pages after pages.

And I have

An ID card ever

As all the urban dogs have


A silver disc around their necks.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is translated by me. It was originally written in Bangla by Shamsur Rahman, a poet, columnist and journalist from Bangladesh. He authored nearly sixty books of poetry. He is one of the brightest stars in Bengali literature. The themes his poetry and writings mirror are- moderate humanism, romanticised insurgence of youth, human relationships, hatred towards superstitious beliefs and so on.


Most of Shamsur Rahman’s poems are written in free verse especially with the rhythm mode called Poyaar or Okhshorbritto. He also wrote verses in two other major patterns i.e., Shwarobritto and Matrabritto.


At present, Shamsur Rahman is remembered as a bona fide artist of the Bangali psyche. He has penned more than 3000 breathtaking poems that will continue to enthuse his devotees now and also in the days to come. Due to the heart and kidney failure, Shamsur Rahman had been in a coma for 12 days and breathed his last on 17 August 2006 at the age of 77.  

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Carnal Minds

Carnal Minds

There was a time henceforth when I had ten thousand dollars to spare
Happy with what the Lord hath already blessed me with, I decided to share
Having no need for the money I called two local men to mine house
Rumor had it the second man had the reputation of a cheat and a louse

The first man whose name was Greed, came in and sat near as could be
Behind him was a man named Wisdom, but he sat far, as he smiled at me
I told them both that I had five thousand dollars to give to each
Then said Greed, "give it here now!" as he leaned closer so as to reach

While I counted the money I looked upon wisdom's silence as wise indeed
For I knew he was patient, and of life's carnality he did heed
I counted aloud the words "Five thousand" and then quickly did Greed snatch away
His half of the money, so in life's pleasures he could foolishly play

I looked up expecting a gracious word of thanks from the greedy wretch
But he was already gone without a word; it was Satan's lures he did fetch
Then I looked over at my friend Wisdom, who was never reeled in by Satan's lure
He always appreciated the life that the Lord hath given him which in itself was pure

A very uplifting man that always a smile for me and all that did pass by
For he was happy knowing our Lord whom graciously arose in the sky
I handed him his share and he quietly tucked it away
Then he went on about his business until a later day

A week later Greed ran Wisdom's old wagon off of the road with his new car
As he laughed about wisdom spreading his money to the poor afar
Then without notice the man in the sky did call
He said “The books are open, now come one, now come all!”

Greed waited in line continually bragging about his carnal things
Until he learned that he had traded them for his heavenly wings
He went to a place not fit for a man as he looked up at Wisdom flying by
He pleaded "Just one sip of water I beg you bring me from a cloud up in your sky"

Wisdom smiled and said "Dear friend, I stored my money in Gods eternal bank"
It was your earthly treasures that did demote you to a sergeant in Satan's rank
It was only yesterday that you passed a starving woman in your car so nice
I stopped in my tracks, gave her food and shelter, I didn't have to think twice

Now I am here with her in paradise, the place the Lord set aside
For those with a conscience and a heart, who in his laws did abide
Though I did have a thirst for life's carnal things
I knew that I couldn't fly up here without my precious wings

Speak to me no more from the pits of Hell
For justice is served, and I chose well!

By: Wayne Hoss

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is scarey... Beware!

"Aimlessly Searching"

Just a thought!

Another dark ocean slips the moon through the sky 

While Star fish twinkle, in distant deapths of the night

Her radiant glow, bounces beams off the shores

Turning sparkling white sand, to gems in the light

Weary travelers cross a sea of moonlit waves

Destiny set, by corrected course and prevailing winds

Sailing treacherous waters for the time it saves

Seeking land with treasures, and new life to begin.

Always searching for something more out of life

Beit land or love or endless riches to hide

Willing to transverse to the ends of the earth,  for,

 "The grass is always greener on the other side."


  by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Aimlessly Searching"