Maybe it's karma,
For some unknown wrong I have done in my life.
Maybe I am really just a horrible person,
Who doesn't deserve honesty.
Maybe I just trust too easily,
When really I thought it was hard to win my trust.
Why must I always jump in with both feet,
Instead of testing the water first,
When I already know,
I don't know how to swim? ...
I know I`m going to drown before I even jump,
But I jump anyway,
I let myself get lost in the pleasure of falling,
The first feel of the water,
As it gently embraces my body.
I get so lost in the sensation,
I forget that pleasure is fickle and short lived.
I sink farther by the second.
I don't even realize how far I've sunk,
Until I lose my breath...
And the surface can't be found...
I look around in a panic for those I hold so dear,
In hopes my dearest one will be near,
Only to realize...
I'm alone.
Left here to drown,
In a pool of falsities.....

To Guess the End

The Rest

Kindness is not enough

I challenge myself to find why

No justifiable words can tell him


Perfection does not exist

But a space for ideals is a part of me

So I punish the present with judgement


Compromise is possible

Yet I will wall up the place for it

unable to reason it's working in reality


I take the best of today

Knowing that I hold

the anguish of tomorrow in my intentions


What right have I got to his care

When it circles my selfish centre

Supporting what it can never truely touch


I think I've guessed the end of this story,

but I don't want to reach the final page.


My pages to turn,

but I can't act upon a feeling, when the scene in which I sit is still being written.


I cannot pre-empt a scenario which will leave us both in such pain

May the plot twist so that I can believe in what he feels and know that feeling.

That is the only ending I cannot foretell.

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