Seasons In Hell


| H A L L O W E E N |
Occult, the dark of the mind, forbidden knowledge realized!
Coven, Witches writhing, filled with Lust & Power! / Candy, Communion with The Horned One!
|rick or Treat / Thriller / Terror, pleasures & treasures!
Oneiromancy, Nightmares & Dreams come to life! Consuming and Possessing!
Blood / Beast, pounding in your veins, the desire for life! The Satanimal comes forth!
Ember / Electricity, Rising from Hellfire inside Jack O' Lanterns' demonic face! & Frankenstein comes alive!
Revenge, reaped & harvested from deserving victims! Sacrifice tonight!

{8th month of the Roman Calendar, ergo ∞}

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Unholy Sabbath is upon us!

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