Fellow American


Fellow American




A time to throwback


The time to relive


Not for the shadow lives


For the whole and soul of


Life , liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Genesis of America


A gift of labor in harmony of


Those hands of light and shadow lives.


A thought of Abraham’s I have a dream


Realized true few decades ago,


Recent lived Obama’s stay at  Whitehouse


Glorified the dream I have a dream.


American dream urged for labor


Let not shadow hands live as Ralph’s Invisible man


It is not a time for live life of horse - and – buggy


It is time to live in harmony dear fellow American












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Relating to present racial situations, need for harmony!!!!!

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The country is about to go up in flames. It is time to have a serious discussion about people of color owning the same protection under law, courts and police enforcement, as White America. Period. ~ Stella L. Crews, Detroit



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Let all to rethink about

Let all to rethink about their genisis- roots ...peace restore as already  covid19 troubling a lot.


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AMEN! Beautiful!

AMEN! Beautiful!

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