new relationship

Please, End This

End things


Tell me

You never meant any of it

Break my heart

And leave it in a million pieces

I will lay amongst them 

Wallow in my pity

Make me hate you

Destroy every ounce of my being

Leave my soul raw

Leave me even more broken

Please, end me


End this 

Make it so painful

That I never long to see your face again

Tear out my very being

Set it free with the other broken souls


Forget me

So I can forget you

Make me feel like you aren't special

Make me feel like I never mattered

Tell me you used me

That you just didn't want to be alone


Rip me apart

Tell me I'm nothing

Tear me so far down

That I can not rise again

I cannot take this pain


Please, just destroy me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 2/21/2018

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I'm Scared

It's taking a deep breath...

It's not being able to stop the smile...

It's just being happy...


and you don't even know...


Im scared ... I don't know where we're going...

I dont know where to go... we're just going...

I'm scared babe... you say we're good, you say just let it be...

but fuck babe... I need to know if i should run for cover...

I need to know if i should just hide now before it's too late.


and you dont even know...


I'm scared babe... you're going to break my heart, you're going to make me hurt...

you say just let it be... you say just be...


I tell you please let me know ... you say you're happy and i am too

but please let me know babe... let me know if you want to let this go...

 i'm not going to lie ... im scared babe...


not of you walking away ... but of you just letting go...















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