love hurts

Self Abuse

You raped me, yes it was consensual
but the feelings you had towards me were strictly sexual
You stripped me of my clothes, as well as my feelings
im now hoping for an ounce of healing
i came only for you
but you had me wandering without a clue
i was left stranded, naked, and alone in bed
im wanting to make sense of whats left in my head


You took advantage of my weakness, which has always been you
i use to be bright but i cant help but to feel so blue
i am no longer your katherine baby
because im always wishing and hoping maybe


not once in my life have i felt so alone
the love i have for you hurts each and every bone


why would you rape me of almost everything
what is now left wont stop melting


Please dont blame yourself
its completely my fault


Its my fault i allowed to be used
ill go ahead and admit it was Self Abuse


Author's Notes/Comments: 

please tell me what y'all think. thank you

Laugh Skip And Play

Laugh Skip And Play

I saw you laugh skip and play

As you threw my heart away

You thought it was so funny

As you kissed me and spent my money

Now it is all gone and so are you

I guess I should have knew

When I saw you laugh skip and play

As you threw my heart away

Now on my love grave you prance

As you do your little victory dance

You’ve collected yourself another broken heart

Each one you have gathered À la carte

Should have known by the grin on your face

I would end up in this lonely place

When I saw you laugh skip and play

As you threw my heart away

Her middle name must be misery

Because that’s what she left with me

But at least she had her some fun

Stealing away all of my sun

I should have seen the clouds in her eyes

But I was blinded by her smile of lies

As I saw her laugh skip and play

As she threw my heart away

Love Gone Astray

Why does life hurt so bad, why must i feel like im drownding in a world where no one cares...
How do people go through the day wondering, when will the pain ease, how can drama decrease.
Can we not fight for a just a minute, you explain your side and I'll explain mine.
Let us help each other for just a second, a place where we are one. Together means that
we must work as one. So let us take our silent moment and, turn it into a million smiles,
if only for this one night, let's not judge our miles.
We may think that only one of us is right, but that's when we're truelly wrong.
It takes two to lift the sun and make each others' world bright.
Whether I like the idea of being wrong or, mistaken; I want to tell you that I love you &
I know for sure that this cannot be mistaken.
For my heart tells me so, with each beat it skips and each vein that trickles,
or the kisses you place upon me that makes my skin begin to prickle.

No matter how far we seem at times, Our souls together make a lovely chime.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was angry with my fiancee, but as I began to write, my poem became more on how we faught and still I loved him as much as i did after we faught. So no matter what think before you speak. You never know when something may go wrong or, what will happen next. So love as much as you can!

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redbull and vodka

my fucked up head

Love...sometimes is not enough
You always hear it...but you dont always believe it

Tears come from no where just for you
Tears run down just for you

But its just not enough
always there for you ... but you just cant be there for me

Its over
im done

Just when im over it
Just when i start getting over u...
you decide to bless me with ur call....

I cant do this anymore
Im done with you

How can you hurt the one you love over and over again....

Why is it that i put myself in this position over and over again?

What's wrong with me...what's wrong with you...what's wrong with us....

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