November 11, 2010

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


I arrived, as I often do, at Club Sesso on a slow Wednesday night. It had been almost an entire month since the last Twisted Party, and two weeks since the big Halloween bash. The first nip of cold was in the air, and my wife was on a business trip. Midweek, Sesso is only $10 (unless it is a special event such as a gang bang) and the free buffet more than makes up for my price of admission.


There were a lot of the regulars there. Unfortunately, they were the regular men, so even though their friendly company was welcomed, it more than limited the odds of me finding a willing play partner.


I seldom fuck at this place anyway, opting more often to share a BDSM experience (usually flogging or OTK spanking) with a lady looking for a little something different. In the past few weeks I have met several anxious couples more than willing to share their female half with me to help quell their kink curiosity.


At last month's Twisted Party, for instance, I was able to release two feminine faucets; one on the spanking bench and another on the St. Andrew's Cross.

Providing a woman this experience and hearing the words "I've never done that before" emerge from her pouting lips afterwards, more than propels me into deep Domspace. Maybe it is just my ego being fed that is tantamount to a Thanksgiving dinner, and not Domspace, but in any case, I was stoked as hell!

Not more that thirty minutes after the puddle of lady juice was towel-soaked up, I was scening and g-manipulating another lady whose boyfriend watched with equal enjoyment. He was fine gentleman with not an ounce of jealousy who keenly let me take control of his girlfriend. It worked out amazingly for all involved!


But that was several parties ago. I was a bit down this Wednesday, for the prior week I had finished a very creative scene and photo shoot involving body writing, poetry and bare bottom spanking. I spent most of the day shooting, scening and body writing and toiled into the wee hours of the morning editing, organizing and uploading the pictures, only to be woken up before noon to the model's partner, seemingly without reason, telling me she decided she didn't want any of them posted.


Several plans I had hoped to accomplish on this four day vacation were not coming together either. My wife away, my babygirl suffering from a tough cold, my masochist having another of her doubting fits of disobedience and a vanilla I had been courting for kink play had stood me up on a date the Saturday prior.


All was not happy in DaddyO's world.


The night dragged on. I devoured a warm 11 o'clock chocolate chip cookie and headed upstairs to where the more serious sexual action usually occurs.




From the balcony I finally spied a woman whom I didn't recognize. She was standing at the far end of the bar and exuded a bevy of confidence. I made my way down the stairs and nonchalantly gathered in the middle of the dance floor with some of my buddies, who also happen to be colleagues in the swinger game. I was doubtful she would give any of us her attentions, but certainly not the chubby bald Daddy Dom who was 24 hours from needing an anxiety pill.


Many women mistake the absence of shyness in my swagger for confidence. In reality I am just as insecure as the next guy (many would argue more so).


How would she respond?


I straightened my collar and made my advance.


I was immediately greeted by her brand of swaggering confidence. Usually women who exhibit this sort of attitude scare the living shit out of me. Until tonight, I had never encountered it without the accompanying eye roll, lackadaisical shoulder shrug, or "I already have a drink, thank you" dismissal.


Yes, this time it was different. We volleyed barbs back and forth a few times, eventually learning that we both had some similar fantasies. She told me a man would have to take her; that she was used to being the dominant one.


"No man has the balls enough to handle me," she bragged.


I had a trick up my pant sleeve: my undersized penis often makes my balls appear much bigger than they really are!


I told her I loved it when a woman fought back.


I described an encounter I had over a year ago at a different swingers club where I was passing by a private room and a woman simply glanced my way and told me "I need to be fucked." I approached her and warned her I was "dominant" and liked to be rough. She replied back, "well you are gonna have to be dominant to take me, because I like it rough too." It was the most primal animalistic sex I had had at that point. It also was the most anonymous ...and due to her long fingernails, the most painful!


"You should come to tomorrow's Twisted Party", I suggested.


"What is that?"


I told her it was unlike any other night at Club Sesso. A completely different crowd; a completely different mood and I would have my toy bag with me.


Her ears perked up. She seemed genuinely interested. I had to explain "scening" to her, as I think her BDSM experience was limited to going a little overboard in the vanilla swinger realm. I also had to explain floggers and canes and paddles and any other interesting implements of pleasure and pain that my toy bag might contain.


"You will have to take me to have me," she said. This was the consent I was looking for.


We wandered upstairs. My buddies were right behind me. Near the orgy bed we continued our conversation. My bravado was at fever pitch.


"Turn around. Let me see your ass."


Without hesitation she strutted forward.


"Ah, it's alright," she said, as my jaw dropped, witnessing one of the tightest little shapely asses I had ever seen in this environment.


Then without any additional prompting, she began shimmying out of her skintight jeans. Her pants were now bunched up near her knees. She wore no panties, or if she did, they were cohabiting with her jeans near her ankles.


She turned her body towards us and began hiking her tee shirt up to reveal a centerfold body with a tattoo along her side.

She didn't stop there; after her shirt was above her breasts, she popped her left breast out of her brassiere and showed me her pert and perfectly shaped and proportioned tit.


We talked about how our scene would go. I guess it was technically our negotiation, but instead of warning each other of what our limits might be, we deliberated further into what we might want to experience that neither of us had done.


"I want you to earn control of me." Her provocation was intensified, "And I am going to be mean."


"Do whatever you need to do," I told her.


I relayed a fantasy of mine in which the lady I was scening with spit on me to make me more aggressive.


Instead of the "aw, that's gross," response 99% of the Wednesday Sesso girls would give, she replied with "that's so fucking hot!"


“Oh, and bring a shirt you really don’t need.”


I knew if this wasn't a dream that November's Twisted Party was going to be the best ever!


Accustomed to being stood up as of late, I didn't get my hopes up. The next morning I spent with one of my friendly colleagues (he had spent the night) then did a photo shoot with a lovely lady in the afternoon.


The evening was the Thursday Vino Vixens munch. There were a lot of lovely friends there and I did my best to recruit them to the Twisted Party if they were not already planning to go.


Around 8:15 I said goodbye to my munch cohorts and moseyed downtown. I was fortunate enough to find a parking spot right in front, which was nice since I had my makeshift toy bag with me (a converted golf bag).


Immediately upon entry I was mobbed by the sexy g-spot squirter, who reminds me of the actress Anna Farris. We cuddled and kissed a bit (her sitting on my lap) and I promised her a scene later. Friends were everywhere and it seemed whenever I turned, I was saying "hi" to someone I knew or had met in the kink scene.


I do not know what happened next; things were a bit of a blur. Things were happening so fast it was as if I was on some sort of drug trip. Two of the hottest girls in the club actually approached me and asked for spankings!


They were short scenes with minimal negotiations - more like tastings -  but I am pretty sure I was making most every Dom in the place quite envious. Hell, I was envious of myself!


After the spanking scenes, amidst the other chaos, I remember a tug on my arm from one of the guys from last night. I was having so much fun, and was so not expecting things to really come to fruition, that it took me very unexpectedly.


"She's here!"




"By the lockers."


I don’t know when I ever walked so fast. There she was, squatting to put her belongings into a bottom locker. I crept up behind her and like a momma kitty grabbed a huge hunk of the hair right above her neck. She turned and smiled.


As is par for the course with most people, she wanted to have a drink before things transpired, but she drank it with an urgency I was unaccustomed to. I had my buddy fetch the drink (which surprisingly he did without any hesitation). She drank her beverage facing me while we chatted, sitting on my lap and grinding to her hips’ content.


Earlier, I had alerted the dungeon monitor I was waiting for the St. Andrew’s Cross, and as if the stars aligned, as soon as we walked back downstairs, it opened for us.


I strung her up on the cross and she complied without much protest. I am not sure if she expected to begin her struggle immediately. After her wrists were attached, I began a gentle warm-up flogging. It was her first taste of a flogger.


As the intensity grew, she got a bit more flustered. I took her by the hair and provoked her more and more. My buddy was holding my toy bag and handed me instruments as quickly as I’d ask him!


Even though I was in control, certain things this exciting run together in your mind when you try to recount them.


I remember tearing that shirt from her body in a crescendo of passion, exposing her perfect breasts.


I remember using her torn shirt as bondage rope, by stringing it around the cross.


I recall spinning her around, slapping her ass hard while raising her up off the ground.


I remember applying plastic clothespins to those perfect nipples and one on her tight pussy lips.


I remember threatening to remove the clothespins with the bashing of my crop.


I remember a crowd gathering and humming a kinky version of the Joe Jackson song “Is she really gonna scene with him?”  I wasn't going out with her and I don't think the crowd was really humming it, but it sure seemed like it!


She wanted more...


Regardless of my tactics, her “give it to me baby” provocation continued. So I gave it to her! Grabbing her hair again, almost smothering her, I planted a Jackie Gleason, “baby, you’re the greatest” French kiss onto her lips.


Then it happened.


Splat! her saliva landed in my right eye.


I was tempted to utter “One of these days, Alice. Pow! Right in the kisser!” but the Honeymooner references hadn’t entered my head until I just now sat down to write this.


Instead of a whack to her mouth, I just turned her around again and had her face the crowd, with me whispering in her ear (and wiping my saliva soaked eyebrow on her hair).


“I want you to look out into the crowd and pick the person you want to come remove the clothespin from your pussy.”


“How about the shy blonde girl over there?”


I walked out into the crowd and pointed at her, motioning for the shy blonde to come help out. She removed the clothespin from her pussy then I made her re-apply it, this time to her nipple.


Much more happened, I am sure.  I realize I am suffering severe delusions of grandeur at the moment, but a chick like this can do it to ya! Without a doubt it was the best public scene I have ever had.


Aftercare was in a room upstairs, but she still wanted to play the struggle card, so I enlisted my buddy to help with restraining her. I took charge in the room, and, well, let’s just say, “what happens in the room, stays in the room.”


"Aftercare" lasted up until the closing hours and preempted other scenes I had scheduled. I offer my apologies for anyone I had promised a scene with; I guess I got a little carried away!


The only solace I can give you is “you’re next.”

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Why D/s Really is S/d

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


I quite often hear submissive women uttering things like:


"I don't submit to just anyone."


Well I pretty much dominate just anyone...if they allow it! 


That is the big difference between Dominance and submission.


The submissive DOES have the power. Pure and simple.

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There is Indeed One True Definition for Submissive

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


When you utter "one twue way" when mocking people's definition of submission, you are crusading for ambiguity surrounding its definition and this may not have the desired effects you hope.


"One twue way" basically says: "There is no true way to submit!"




Let us look at the dictionary definition:

sub·mit [səbˈmit] verb

Accept or yield to the authority or will of another person.


sub·mis·sion [səbˈmiSHən] noun

The action or fact of accepting or yielding to the will or authority of another person.


What we really should be mocking:

I am not saying that the countless ways dominance and submission are carried out and displayed should be rigidly defined. The specifics to what requests are to be obeyed, the nuances regarding discipline, what roles the one in the submissive role agrees to fill and exactly what the one in the dominant role may control are as endless as there are individual people.


Therefore it becomes asinine to label any D/s relationship the "one true way."


Let me make this clear, I am only saying it is unwise to mock the definition of what submission is.


There is only one true way a person can submit: By accepting or yielding to another person's authority and/or will; essentially by doing what they've been instructed to do.


The particular desires and commands of the person in the dominant role being fulfilled and obeyed are what constitutes whether or not it is submission. No one is blindly implying these desires are kind, fair, compassionate or even practical. They may not even be possible! But that doesn't change the definition of submission. It simply exposes whether or not the person in the dominant role is a selfish prick.


If the requirements of the one in the dominant role are too demanding, triggering, strenuous, traumatizing or unfair, the one hoping to submit SHOULD NOT DO IT! It's not a fit.


But having an asshole Dom or relationships not being a fit doesn't change what the definition of submission is. But it certainly should influence a person's decision regarding submission.


Why it is important to have a clear definition


In BDSM, since we are conceptualizing a relationship based on "D/s" it is important that we have a very clear definition as to what we're referencing by the letters "D" and "s."


I consider it a disservice to people wanting to submit to be given vague definitions for the very thing they claim to want to do. Unless it is clearly defined, how is one to aspire to do it?


The demands of the Dom do not change the definition of the word

Choosing not to submit doesn't mean you are "wrong" or a "bad submissive." It simply means you are unwilling to submit to the requirements that particular person has set forth. Making judgments on the requirements of the one you've placed in the dominant role is essential in deciding whether or not you should submit.


Making sound judgments are also important to avoid any D/s arrangement from becoming unintentionally abusive or unknowingly non-consensual. This is why the one submitting is equipped with the ultimate power to decide on whether or not to submit.


In addition to judging the moral merits of the requests for submission, the one in the submissive role has to decide to what degree their obedience to the one in the dominant role's requests are hampering or enhancing their own pleasure, because we know that the one in the dominant role's pleasure is being fulfilled.


Because no one in the dominant role is perfect, the person wanting to submit may at times rightly choose to disobey. In these scenarios the disobedience is a virtuous decision. Justified. Moral. Right. But not submission.


No one in the submissive role is perfect either, therefore someone submitting may at times wrongly disobey.


But before passing judgment or taking any agreed upon disciplinary action, the one in the dominant role should review whether or not it fits within everyone's negotiated boundaries.


The choices regarding virtuous disobedience and disciplinary actions ideally should be done using non-violent communication techniques. Whether it's with a safe word or by direct communication depends on how communication within the relationship dynamic is set up.


No one needs to submit. And there is nothing wrong with not submitting to someone. Only when you've agreed to submit and then don't, is when it becomes disobedience. 


The decision to submit or not places the ultimate control firmly in the hands of the one accepting the submissive role.


People labeling themselves "Submissive" often add the disclaimer:


"I am submissive...but not to just anyone"

This is dangerous because indeed there is no "twue sub" definition. What exactly does being "a Submissive" mean?

Well it could be...

"I choose to submit to _____."

"I enjoy doing acts of service for people."

"I enjoy submitting when it's someone I care for."

"I wish to submit to my lover as an act of love."

"In life I find I like to follow more than lead."

"I like to give up control in the bedroom."

None of the above.

Something else entirely!

More than likely it doesn't mean...


"I submit to everyone."

But it could! Especially to the "twue Doms" out there, which includes uneducated newbies, abusers, predators and other horny and sadistic guys.

So the need for this disclaimer would be eliminated if we weren't so vague as to what the definition of submission is. The word should seldom be used as an adjective, and using it as a descriptive noun is even more dangerous, considering the multiple dimensions surrounding the dynamics kinky relationships take on (of which D/s is only one of).


If one still must choose to identify that way, clarification becomes a huge responsibility both for the Submissive (to define) and for anyone wanting to dominate them (to understand).


Practicing submission doesn't require a "Dominant", but it does require judgment as to who a person wishes to submit to and to which things fall within everyone's boundaries.


Regardless of how "dominant" people you encounter are, everyone has things they want other people to do for them. Therefore we all have choices to make as to how much submission we want to give of ourselves towards someone else.


How much submission?

Submission assigns significance to the one who is acting in a dominant role by validating them and placing value on their wishes. Therefore the one in the dominant role is required to make sure their requests are worthy.


Notice the key words here:






These words are traditionally cherished by those in submissive roles, but I believe they are just as vital to the happiness of people in dominant roles too.


That's the beautiful thing about submissive actions: they assign value to others. Making judgments to submit to someone places a value upon that person, and therefore becomes an amazing way to demonstrate love towards them; especially for those who value being valued!


Not all love is submissive

I have had people who wish to submit to me do things thinking they are being submissive towards me. Their actions were sweet. They were kind. They were useful. They were even done with a submissive intent. But they were not acts of submission because there were not things I had requested.


Again, just because these actions did not fall within the definition of "submission" it does not diminish their importance. They were just a different type of endearment.


Taking off another person's shoes when asked is a submissive act. Putting them away when you noticed they were left in the middle of the room isn't.


If the one in the dominant role values one of these actions higher or lower that the other it doesn't change the definition of submission, it just means that one of the actions was deemed more important.



There is no "one twue Dom" or "one twue sub" but there sure as hell is one true definition for submitting.

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DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Topping from the bottom

With the “’twasn’t me” excuse

She’s a dominant Submissive

Who ties me in noose

Wrapping rope around my reason,

Cuffing tight my common sense

“Is she using me?” I wonder,

Sitting naked on the fence

She melts my heart with glances,

Plays Medusa to my cock

Aphrodite to the masses,

She seduces while she mocks

Accessorizing Masters,

Doms and Sadists not her own

Who slap her face with laughter

Like Grandpa’s cheap cologne

She casts aside the caring

For she’s only a rag doll

And those who won’t molest her

Are simply disposable

She answers just to Daddy,

And believes his ways are right

Longing for more punishment,

She drives off into the night

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for Anjelle, 2008

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"Deity Reveals the Secret Sadist"

DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO


Aphrodite turns heads and is striking to men

So I worship her with my whip

And strike her with blows while she bows to my whims

Snapping her ass with the tip

This little lass I long to lead

Fulfills my every carnal need

Power lies in her loyalty

For a child to learn things must be taut

Like the rope I tie to her collar

Leading her 'round the concrete car lot

Her majesty is markedly smaller

Providing power while she bleeds

She weakens whenever she succeeds

For her control is her commitment

A bloody red trail blazed on her hands and knees

She purges my pain through respect

Following commands while obeying my needs

Fully trusting I will not break her neck

Commanding control while she bleeds

Weakness whenever she succeeds

For her strength is her devotion

A lifetime's culmination of dissatisfaction

Is represented in her appealing face

Deification otherwise rendered imperfect

Is perfected in her disgrace

While she bleeds she reigns supreme

And like any first-rate deity…

By her stripes I am healed

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for Anjelle, 2008 

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Reverse Psychology

The Lust

Break down my barriers and shelter me inside
Those warm troubles alibies that you think coincide
To the solution of a sex-driven vile pride
And behind the shadows of seduction you hide.

Well, oh two can play this game of seek
Don't be so shy, you're coming off as weak.
You started this all with those "please save me" eyes
Don't act like this was going to be a surprise.

I know what you are and how many women you've taken
And yet, here you are, like a baby, you're shakin'
And with that cool calmness, I know, boy you're fakin'

Because we both know that you've sadly mistaken


For the victim
For I am the  alpha
And you are to kneel.

I take to thee what has been so terribly deserved
Now it's your turn to get unnerved
Because I know your games, and I will not be attached
I have come to tie you to the matress, unmatched
My dominance is to your submissive surprise
As I take the sweet something between your thighs

You beg for mercy as I move through your soul
And you beg and plead for me to say "I love you so"
But how could I ever love anyone such as you
After everything you've put them through?

Now it's time someone did it to you. 

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