My father's hunting passion (guns)


It has been a while since the last time I saw them, but my dad has them all in a safe. From rifles to handguns, my father has had a lot of guns since I was a kid. He became a hunter before my parents got married, 20 years ago. Hunting season lasts from November to January every year and I always remember my mom telling me that my father went hunting even when I got born! My grandfather got so angry at him and scolded him. Since that year, he never goes hunting on my birthday. But after it, he goes every weekend! When the first hunting season weekend comes, he calls his friends to reach an agreement about the car they are going to travel in, he prepares his hunting clothes and, obviously, his beloved guns. Then at 5 am my mom makes him breakfast and he leaves. Sometimes he hunts, sometimes he doesn’t, but he always comes home with a big smile because hunting is his passion. I remember 2010, when traveling at night or very early became dangerous. He missed an entire hunting season. And let me tell you that hunting to my father is like Christmas to a kid! It’s that one thing that he is really looking forward to since February. So, imagine a kid having no Christmas! Although he was sad, he didn’t lose hope. He waited patiently to the next year and he brought a big deer to the house. He used to take us hunting with him too. Well, first he would take us to a shooting range to practice, with handguns and bow and arrow. Then, my sisters and I were there with him just waiting and being quiet in order to not scare the animals, but also very alert in case you see an animal. Then we would help him with the gutting, the storing and the cleaning. But now that we have grown up, we are lazy and we don’t go with him to hunt anymore, but I still like to practice my shooting. I think my father is a really good hunter. Besides his experience and that he always scores in the target, he is very patient and persistent (he waits 4 hours sitting down quietly) Patience is a quality I don’t have but I am trying to learn from him. Actually he is already preparing everything for this year so let’s see how this season turns out.


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Mark, Set... Go...

Wulfman Adventures

The snow swirling around
Dancing a ballet around me
Dizzy, slow breathing
Overwhelmed, fast racing heart
Blood slowing, a statue in the frozen tundra
Eyes gazing all around, ears listening

Then there is first soft crunching
Finally the rapid snow crunch of fright

The chase is on

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The Doe


A beautiful doe,
grazing in the forest.
She steps out
into a ray of sunshine.
A breeze blows the smell
of the forest, towards her,
and she looks down
at her curious fawn.
The buck of the herd
is nearby in the grassy field.
The doe nudges her fawn
towards the buck,
and watches her
fawn run to her father,
jumping across the field.
The pain!
The doe staggers,
and tries to run,
run away from the pain,
and to her fawn!
But no,
she falls,
calling out a warning
to the rest of the herd.
They all run,
and she has saved them,
saved them from the same fate as she,
For now.
The last sight
this poor mother sees,
before she dies,
is of her fawn,
stopping, looking back,
and crying out
for her mother.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Deers may be thought of as nuisances, I still hate it when people go out to hunt them. I'd rather they be killed by something that actually NEEDS the deer meat. Not like most humans who hunt them, to stuff the damn heads and HANG THEM UP! That's truely just WRONG! It really shouldn't be allowed!

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30 Hunting And Fishing Dangers To Hunters, Residents, Children, Animals


30 Hunting And Fishing Dangers To Hunters, Residents, Children, Animals

Hunting And Fishing Are Dangerous Activities For Hunters, Children and Others Around Them, And The Animals

1. Hunters trip on their guns going over fences, shooting themselves or others. They sometimes discharge a rifle in twisting an ankle in a gopher hole or over roots. They can fall into unguarded ravines or capsize in a boat. Small planes with hunting party passengers in remote regions of the West crash.
2. There are many instances of bow and arrow hunters shooting others accidentally or impaling themselves on their own arrows.
3.. Guns can misfire. Hunters sometimes look down the barrel of a rifle wondering why it didn't fire, only to have the gun discharge.
4. The use of animal urines to attract animals to their deaths can boomerang.
5. Injured animals (stags, boar, bears etc) can turn around and attack. There are many videos on the internet of injured or enraged animals attacking hunters.
6. Hunters often have heart attacks in the woods as they try to pull or carry or lift very heavy dead animals.
7  Hunters are frequently injured in tree stands. Injuries include falling asleep and then falling out of the stands.
8  Hunters lost in the woods suffer from heat or freezing, hunger and thirst.
9. Ticks on deer and other animals or in the grass can burrow into hunters.  Lyme disease is caused by
   by bacteria on the ticks. Mosquitoes bite.
10 Foxhunters mounted on horses are often thrown to their deaths or injured.
11 Hunters are not immune from the impotence which is related to animal flesh consumption. Michael Klaper MD has lectured around the country on vegan diet as a cure for impotence.
12. Eating flesh from huntered animals shortens life expectancy by causing heart attacks, strokes, aneurisms, embolisms, many kinds of cancers, kiAndney disease, thousands of varietues of food poisoning.
13. Animals have a number of untreated diseases, some of which are transmitted to those who eat the venison etc. Mad Deer, Mad Elk, and a number of other spongiform encephalopathy diseases make eating the cadavers of animals hunters kill even more dangerous. Figures on cervine spongiform encephalopathy have been censored by state and federal agencies
intent on protecting hunting industries, tourism, restaurants, gun merchants, outdoor equipment sales etc.

14. Countless children have died, finding their hunter parent's gun stash and using the weapons to play, for instance, cops and robbers.
15. Hunters have accidentally shot children in nearby homes.

16. Hunters often mistake hikers, campers in the woods for animals they are stalking. Countless residents of nearby
communities have been killed when hunters discharged weapons in woods close to the homes.

17. Animals running in terror from hunters leave their bodies in fright and agony. Besides the painful death to trillions of animals are the countless animals who have died slowly from hunter injuries or the animals who are maimed but continue to live in pain with arrows protruding or infected gunshot wounds. Cleveland Amory reported seeing a deer with 12 arrows in her, still walking around.  Billions of bear cubs, doe, etc. have been orphaned by hunters. President Theodoroe Roosevelt is remembered more for the 1 orphaned cub he adopted than the hundreds of bears he killed.
18. Fish die of suffocation, smashing or being knifed. Their eyes, gills, throats are ripped out by multipronged hooks.
19. Dogs are injured by wild boars, in fox hunts. by ticks. Beagles are kept confined in small cages by many hunters.
20. Horses are injured by broken necks and legs in fox hunts.
21. Falcons are injured in a variety of ways by hunters who use them to catch birds and small animals.


22.. Radiation cancers from Fukushima and illegal nuclear waste dumping around the world by other nuclear facilities, stomach cancer, lethal food poisonings including anaphylacic shock from shellfish, choking, mercury and other heavy metals destroying memory and hastening Alzheimer's, Mad Fish disease from prions expelled into the water etc are some hazards of fish eating.
23 Fishermen often catch fishhooks in face, fingers etc.
24 They can be spiked in femoral, hand or other arteries by catfishes, bitten by sharks.
25.They can be drowned in storms, knocked out of boats by the ramming of sharks, whales
26 Deep sea fishing is listed by many organizations as one of the 5 most dangerous occupations in the world. Drowning,
being caught in the nets are other hazards.

27. Murders have been disguised as hunting accidents
28. Hunters can encounter farmers who don't want them shooting in the woods. Thomas Dillon killed five hunters in Central Ohio
29. A gathering of inebriated hunters can spell tragedy from shooting as alcohol opens the floodgates of anger.
30. The act of killing mammals and birds reduces the barrier between nonhuman and human beings. Criminal profilers and others have reported that those who have abused animals are more likely to become serial killers of human beings.
Millennials and those who've followed them have caused the percentage of hunters in population to drop below 5%. The cult of masculinity, that one must kill animals in order to prove manliness, has fewer adherents every year.
Stag attacks hunter

wild boar attacks hunter

hunter in Alaska attacked by bear

5 bears in Alaska attack 65 year old hunter

Lion attacks safari hunter

Doe injured by hunter's arrow attacks him

Louisiana man injured by deer he harmed

A New Hampshire man transporting a bear he'd murdered was injured in his vehicle rollover

Milton California  a group of deer hunters have confrontation with man who doesn't want them hunting   the man is shot

Injured hunter chooses death over paralysis

Steve Irwin crocodile hunter who speared countless animals dies
being speared by manta ray
Thomas Dillon killed 5 hunters

tree stand injuries

hunters in Swiss and US emergency rooms

Outdoor Life speaks of Mad Deer, Mad Elk

Serial killers


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