Soomin and Ryan

Soomin and Ryan forever and ever

You'll never ever truly see a couple any better

Both koreans and a little french too

They stick together like monkey glue


At this time, I wish them farewell.

Ryan doesn't have time for me anymore

Oh well.

Poem about Matthew Benson

A white kid, that's what he is.

Plays baseball, also a math wiz.

Polytechnic University is his dream school.

Because his dad went there and he wants to be cool.


Hair as brown as poop.

Skin as soft as rocks.

Personality as rich as plain soup.

He also handles stocks.


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Jung Park and his opinion on Marriage

Marriage, what a delicacy. 

But it's better to stay as a celibacy.

If I would marry someone, I'd do it genuinly.

To give love affectionately.


I don't want to do it unintentionally.

It'd be awful if I did it with hesitancy, questionably, and senselessly.

But eventually, I will marry professionally and majestically.



Jung Park + Mystery Girl

She was a teacher. I loved her so.

I was a student. I loved her so.

It was forbidden one sided love.

I wanted to hold her like a baseball glove.


Hair as dark as ruby.

Voice as harsh as reality.

I can't wait till next year.

For I have nothing to fear.

Poem about Jung Park

There was once a Korean name Jung.

He was tall, slender, and fun.

Both great outside and in bed.

When the girls see him, they turn red.


He has over a million girlfriends.

And many more wives.

I would totally recommend. 

To let him dive into your lives!

Bixi Girl

Lithe Writing

I spread the houses
like a blanket
On the grass
Laying soft against plaid baskets
Off the track
An aimless ribbon of tar and shoes
Trailing behind your summer jeans
In the yard

And I climbed mountains
Clanging footfalls
In the stands
Where I chased the score:
Our idle hands,
Your restless skirt
Laughing, Wiped melted sky

The sun, a hopeful cradle
For my head sharing
Ice cream
Sunglasses framed in white
A song in one seat in the back of
A car on the way home
On school nights
To your house,
An alabaster chest
Locked with streaming lamplight
Resting on the bottom
Of a starry

In the suburbs

They're all just fingers
But these are my own
Running on
Through the sky
To a Christmas tree city,
Our high school town

And there I was
In the grass forever
A photo on the shelf
Long after I was gone

Here, I am an aquarium
A sprawling tree on your street.
And you are the nightly golden
Eyes of home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*Bixi is a name for a stone tortoise that, starting with the Han Dynasty, was used as a pedestal for tablets listing the deeds of emperors and dignitaries. They were often used in funerary practices.

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