Jung Park and his opinion on Marriage

Marriage, what a delicacy. 

But it's better to stay as a celibacy.

If I would marry someone, I'd do it genuinly.

To give love affectionately.


I don't want to do it unintentionally.

It'd be awful if I did it with hesitancy, questionably, and senselessly.

But eventually, I will marry professionally and majestically.



Jung Park + Mystery Girl

She was a teacher. I loved her so.

I was a student. I loved her so.

It was forbidden one sided love.

I wanted to hold her like a baseball glove.


Hair as dark as ruby.

Voice as harsh as reality.

I can't wait till next year.

For I have nothing to fear.

Poem about Jung Park

There was once a Korean name Jung.

He was tall, slender, and fun.

Both great outside and in bed.

When the girls see him, they turn red.


He has over a million girlfriends.

And many more wives.

I would totally recommend. 

To let him dive into your lives!

Everyone's So Nice




I could be your angel,


I could be your wife,


I'm so many things inside my head,


I'm a juicy slice of life.


My mind is sweet like sugar,


And a lucious chocolate pie,


I'm a starry night to woo your soul,


A fluttering butterfly.





And then there is the dark side,


You may see it. Would you like?


It may appear a "rocky wheeler",


Like a circus' broken bike.


I keep it like a secret box,


And open it sometimes,


To pick out just the tool I need,


In all these silly rhymes,


If you met me once in person,


With some smarts you'd be aware,


That I'm hardly the sort of lady,


Who expects some "royal chair".


My conversation's casual,


My dress be far from lewd,


And if you disrespect me,


I can really be quite RUDE!


So let's begin and share a talk,


About the things we may,


To open possibilities,


That could change the world today.


Cause you may be a badass,


But I need to let you know,


Anyone can act like a jerk,


Even me, I have, I know.


You might have a label


Undermining all you are,


But please do know not everyone,


Thinks that is you, by far,


A label marks a point in time,


And time is always changing,


No one can steer a soul's true path,


Or cease its rearranging.


Don't be fooled to thinking 


The whole world thinks the same way,


Life is what you make of it,


Not like anything "they" say.


I can be a gentle soul, 


A tender loving sight,


I could be a devil who would rob you of all that's bright,


I could rip your heart out if I really wanted to,


See, all you do, 


I could do as well,


And with that,


I will bid you




*The choices you make, make you.*












Author's Notes/Comments: 

Your  capabilities to enjoy your life, no matter how difficult, depend upon your ability to think freely. Not behave to fit in to anyone else's mold of who they think you are or should be. That is their problem, and believe me, it is a huge problem. Just be you and be happy :-)

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