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where you have always been

Gotta write a regular instead of the prose type of way


You laid within me

My soul to keep

I feel so great I feel as I can leap

You was all my needs

The reason why I can breath

Everything seem so clean

I can see the writing that you wrote on my jeans

09/21/07 that all I can remember

It was a crazy December but we fought through it

Love sick mad in love two kids

We couldn't cold our love down even if we were in a fridge

We make each other feel so warm inside

I do not lie but I cried

"Love you completes me"

Never deceive me.

Believe me love was real

It was a big deal

Missing it cause it kills

Flower has die and the world is destroyed the unknown 

How cold a relationship has been stopped

Dropped to the fall

And it's remaining has been life their

With no care

But confusion and fear fills us

Yeah I miss us and the trust 

But with my luck it won't be back

In fact it was great while last

The past is the past

I did the math and I feel we didn't compare

Compatible wasn't us

The love was incredible 

So good it was edible

My stomach fill with happiness 

Could be laughing at this 

One thing is for certain

You were worth it

There always be a place in my heart for you

It was cool to know you

I hope you find your place

Cause in my case it can be a struggle

But I'm ok I believe in another day

No more rain or getting hit by a train

A better understanding 

I love you hope you do great

But it's where you always been

A great woman making good decision 

Now listen no more and go do your thing

Your life will be just right

I know your heart beautiful♡.


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When Freedom Comes

When freedom comes I shall run,

I no longer care about the stigma

I bare. Constantly treated unfair, 

But who cares?  


I just want resonate within poetry

And become Godly, I don't want to

Deal with society. Drown them out

With music now.


People looking at me, but honestly

I am not wondering what they're talking

About. I shake my head and walk out,

I just wanna be free now!

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The Escape

Bright Poetry

Turned off all electronics and walked outside.
No interference of the problems people bring to me.
Disconnected from a discombobulated nation.
No frustration on my mental as of now I'm a peaceful individual.
Away from ridicule.
Notepad for my thoughts.
Dreams for my mind vault.
Resting under the stars like a spirit wolf.
Writing these lyrics as a remembrance of a day everyone should witness.
Give it a try.
The freedom you'll like instead of the people,
that we call dramatic yes we can live life without the theatrics.
It's completely unnecessary and the escape is a plan that's legendary.
Tomorrow morning is my escape and tell me when you'll initiate your escape!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Planning my escape to peaceful place away from hate.

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Seeing the face I used to love

I’m left wounded and bleeding

in the space where joy played freely for you and me.

I was right to say goodbye and cry

But wish the cord hadn’t torn and our memories dripped out

On the ground so dry and parched

By promises never sipped

We used to see the snow the same way

As a map to a dazzling dance at speeds that broke barriers

We couldn’t live with.

I’m sure I’d bore you so with how slow I go.

We have the music still and always will. A reflection of what used to be the sun and the moon.

 What more can one ask for.  It wasn’t meant to be, you and me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found him on Facebook and this was my reaction.

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Mandela(Unconditional Freedom)

Peace to one named troublemaker?

Friends will see as weakness

Let's offer conditional freedom instead

"No" he said to conditional freedom

"Yes"he said for his people's freedom

In life surrounded by chains

In death the heavens poured down rain

Twenty seven years in captivity

Twenty seven days to him it seemed

A heart full of forgiveness

A face full of laughter

In the face of tyranny

His light shined

Never extinguished

Adieu Mandela Madiba Nelson

Your light will forever shine

May the heavens receive your soul

Adieu the peoples hero

Adieu the noble statesman.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A tribute to Nelson Madiba Mandela on the day of his burial.

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Heart on a Wild Ride

I was running through the wilderness,

Heart torn and eyes too big to see,

In my fortress of solitude,

A temporary space to escape in,

You came to me in my dreams.


Now my heart beats proudly, as you’re holding on to me,

I painted perfection; it’s only you that I can see.

You’ve taught me I’m a fighter,

When naked, I still believe,

You are more than just a figment of imagination.


This love is a fire, that when touched it can heal,

Burning passion lingers, the reason I breathe,

The future is ours, a wild ride together; we are free,

We are just ordinary people in our extra-ordinary worlds,

When with you there’s nothing I can’t believe,

I loved you before I met you,

You came to me in my dreams.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

The repeat of the refrain may bug some people, but it's to show from the beginning to the present (there is no end).

Don't Tell Me

Here I am. I'm walking down this road again.

The same one I've traveled many times before.

I'm just a man, but you know where I've been

because you're there, pounding on my door...yeah.


I'm going away in my mind. I can't take this world anymore!

I've gone astray once again with you right there at the door!

But don't...you...tell me!


Don't tell me that you love me once again!

I don't want to hear what a sinner I've been!

Don't tell me that you're here to take me back!

I'm not ready to admit just what I lack!

I hate the man that I have become!

Don't tell me that you are not the Son!


Here we are father, fighting once again!

Doing the things that drive us mad!

I'm not perfect, but you're not free of sin!

I tried, but you never let me in!


I'm gone away, no forgiveness in me...

but this is not me...

So don't...you...tell me!


Don't tell me that you love me once again!

I'm tired of hearing what a failure I have been!

Don't tell me that I'm a worthless man

when you're the one who doesn't have a plan!

I hate the man that I have become!

Don't tell me that I'm not your son!


Can I ever forgive you for the way you've made me feel? (I don't know)

Will you ever look at me, and try to find out who I am? (Let it go)


I can never be what you want of me! I can never be so blind that I can see!

What is this feeling inside of me?! You're right here, so don't you ever tell me!


Don't tell me that you love me once again!

I have to hear what a sinner I have been!

Please tell me that you're here to take me back!

I'm broken now, and we both know that's a fact!

I hate the man that I have become!

Please forgive me because I know you are the Son!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just me letting out a lot of anger and frustration. It's pretty easy to lose faith when you're in the middle of a big battle, and someone just keeps trying to knock you down.



You know , I saw it...
The light !

It brightened my soul

So good, so cheerful
So passionate , so melancolic
I'm happy...
Happy for finding her...
She shines...
Like the moon in the night
She's so bright...
Like the sun in the blue skyes
So beautiful...
Like a bloomed rose ,
So pure...
Like a new born child
She's perfect!
I'll try not to lose her ,
I'll move...
I'll find my way of life...
I'll live!


Turn it on : http://www.rainymood.com/ 

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