During the half term break
from school
Janice said
come see my new canary


Gran bought it for me
and so you went with her
through the Square
and across Bath Terrace


and into the block of flats
where she lived
with her gran and bird
and she was excited


and talked and talked
of the new canary
what do you call him?
you asked


she said
because its yellow
and the name fits


and when you got
to her flat
her gran opened the door
and Janice said


I've brought Benedict
to see the new bird
her gran said


and let you in
and Janice took you
into the sitting room
and there in a bird cage


was the new bird
sitting there
on a perch
making whistling noises


some say they talk
if you teach them
Janice said
and I'm going to teach it


to say things
and won't that be good?
providing you don't
teach it silly things


her gran said
my cousin had one
and he taught it
all kinds of bad words


which made
his mother mad
what kind of words?
Janice asked


never you mind
what words
her gran said
if I catch you teaching


this bird bad words
I'll tan your backside
I won't Gran
Janice said


just teach it
sensible words
well mind you do
her gran said


now how about
some lemonade and cake?
yes please
you both said


and her gran went off
to get the lemonade
and cake
and Janice put


her finger
through the bars
of the cage
and talked to the bird


but the bird
shuffled away from her
on the perch
and was quiet


still she talked to it
and but her finger in
as far as she could
but it just walked as


far from her
as it could go
staring at her
with it stark eyes


not very friendly is it?
you said
maybe it doesn't like
your red beret


maybe red frightens it?
so she took off
her red beret
and the bird came closer


and began chirping away
and it kind of pecked
at her finger
not roughly


but inquisitively
as if to find out
what it was
then it shuffled off again


and then went
and pecked at some
food from a feeder
at the side


of the cage
maybe I could get it out
and let it sit


on my finger
like I've seen done
on TV
Janice said


what if it flies away?
you asked
I'll keep the door
and windows closed


she said
and she opened
the cage door
and put her hand in


to get the bird
but the bird
moved away from her
and flapped its wings


what are you doing?
her gran said
entering the room
Janice took her hand out


of the cage
and shut the door
just wanted to let it
sit on my finger


Janice said
her gran put the tray
with lemonade
and pieces of cake


on the table
and came over
to the bird cage
you might have frightened it


then it might die
she peered in
at the canary
which was perched there


staring back at her
now don't you
do that again
do you hear?


yes Gran
Janice said sheepishly
her eyes lowered
nice bird


you said
maybe it's shy
at the moment
I guess after


a little while
it'll get friendly
do you think so?
Janice said


sure it will
you replied
her gran smiled
and walked off


back to the kitchen again
and you and Janice
ate the cake
and drank the lemonade


and you both watched
the canary as it chirped
and walked
along the perch


and there
on the side chair
was Janice's red beret
and she asked


what words
do I teach?
but you said
I couldn't say.

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A daughter's plea


A daughter's plea.

Let me speak to the manager,
So I can give my plea.
My mum has spent all her time,
Please, take it from me.
Give her a year, 
a decade would be ideal.
She can have a year of mine,
Please let's make a deal.
I have yet to have any children
My kids will never know,
That warmth a grandma brings,
With her embrace, and wonderful glow.
It may sound very selfish, 
it may make me sound insane.
But thinking of a world 
without  her, 
Gives me lots of pain.
I know this is all futile,
I know what eventually will be.
But she is a lovely woman,
Just you wait and see.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

First attempt at a poem that rhymes. Very difficult.


all feedback and potential tweaks welcomed.

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