Tupac Shakur woman



Modernity is a time

of numbers and names

and houses and the word.


It about America and the

"need" to build its self.


I have 10 sisters

and they are in music


I have a signifi.Magnifi


Eternally, I am yours and

I am listening to the love

and lights of the years

of moving from the sound

of our history


The dance of our people

and the voice of a man.


A woman in need of things can

be beautiful and I love

all beautiful woman. All.

All? Chinese.


Why? I am a woman

and my genes and dna

will not let me say I hate woman.


Woman is a woman

and is an energy of love.


My people are: the woman

I love, "God is love":

"God is dead"!!! The students

years of my brothers

failures and his friends

happiness, goodbye


The power to draw

me in to seaze

my phone, or pinch my phone?


The hotel where I met Tupac Shakur.

I was engaged when I met him in Amsterdam


All the talk through and now it is about

the colour of the red "carpet"?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thanks> (....................all the poets of the last centuries all of them. This poem and the Prose is copy righted. Please see "Fair Use" www.wikipedia.org. Thanks to Charles Jones ( the 3rd and 4rd) Bright and, my mom. Thanks to my dad, sister and my brothers. To the awesomly brothersom mom ever. Yet the beauty is in the eyes of my father. Love is not eternal or everlasting it is the now.

Go [Unrhymed Fiverse: Poem of Five Lines]


Wherever your

Mind takes you

Find joy, be happy


Live your dreams being blessed

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Silhouette August 24, 2012

Out of sight.
Out of mind
Somehow, these memories
Won’t fade with time.
A silhouette is
All I see.
Shdows and darkness
Engulf your mind.
Take me back
To those days
Where we both
Were so carefree
And simply living…
Making the best
Of all we have
Despite all those
Abuses suffered.
These scars run deep
Into your mind, heart,
Body, and soul.
Close your eyes.
Imagine a world
Where we’re both
Relinquished of our
Pasts that still haunt us.
Move forward.
Go free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written based on the situations of my close friend and I...progress and regression is a pain in addition to various forms of abuse suffered.