His eyesight was never 20/20…he’d worn glasses since he was three

but now, as he grew older, it was getting harder and harder to see.


They tried to make the best of this misfortune in their destiny…he said, “I guess my eyes have decided…they’ve seen all they want to see.”


“It’s not all bad.” She said, “accepting his embrace. “You’ll no longer be able to see all the wrinkles on my face.”


“And when you reach the point…where your eyes no longer see..when you need to find your way around…you can always lean on me.”


The old man smiled and said, “I will…and how lucky to be me…for I have so many things in life…I no longer need to see.”


“Take your love, for instance, it’s in everything you do and say…I no longer need to see it…when I feel it every day.”


“I don’t need to see your lips…once my eyes release their spark…for how often have I found them in the bedroom after dark?”


He took her face in his hands…he closed his eyes…he felt her tears

“Do now weep for me.” He said. “Save your worries…save your fears.”


“I may no longer see what’s in front of me…and though that seems unkind…I can still see within my memory every moment we left behind.”


As he gently felt her wrinkles…he said…I imagine there are some things I will miss…but but how can I be sad when I get to feel a face as beautiful as this?”


“When my eyes no longer see the light…I need you to understand…

I’ll still have 20/20 vision…only now…it’s shifted to my hands.”


“Your vision was never 20/20.” She smiled, “But if you’re going to use these hands to see…and they see the world half as good as your eyes did…that’s good enough for me.” 

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Yesterday a young boy asked me

in a voice both innocent and bold

“Can you tell me what it’s like old man…

How does it feel…getting old?”


“A lesson on old age.” I smiled.

I’m afraid I cannot teach it.

for how can I speak of old age


when I have yet to reach it?”

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When his joints ached as he rose

he kicked the chair leg in despair.

He knows it is the fault of age…


but it’s easier to blame the chair.

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Deborah found the leftovers

(the ones I thought I stored in the fridge)

in a cabinet the other day

and we chuckled at my ‘senior moment’ as we threw them all away.


But it got me thinking…there was a time I remembered everything

a time when my memory was much stronger….

I knew getting old was inevitable…

I just thought it’d take a little longer.


I have forgotten where I put my glasses.

How did these keys get in this drawer?

I have forgotten, as I search for something, 

what the heck I’m searching for…


But just when I begin questioning 

if my memory is dwindling like a fire’s fading embers?

If at my age am I forgetting now

more things than I remember?


It is then I remember riding my bike as a child…

how Grandma’s death made me so sad…

It is then I remember splashing through puddles after a rain,

playing football with my dad.


It is then I remember friends from high school…

flying kites high in a summer breeze

It is then I remember trying to catch the falling leaves from Autumn 

as they cascaded from the trees.


It is then I remember moments with our children and grandchildren… 

yes, when I stop and think on it a while

there are so many moments I remember… 

so many memories that make me smile.


Sure, I might forget a few things every now and then…

and sometimes the storage of leftovers is misbegotten….

but I am blessed, in life, that I remember 


far more things than I’ve forgotten.


We were walking in the woods one morning as we are won't to do

Feeling a gentle breeze upon our faces…kissed by the morning dew…


We were following our normal trail…ambling along with ease

When he happened onto an overgrown path leading through the trees.


A path we quickly followed…brushing away low branches…shuffling through the weeds…

Because sometimes you need to take a path…not knowing where it leads.


We had walked a little distance enjoying our early morning stroll

When up ahead a lone old lady was stopped upon a knoll.


Her eyes were closed, she was smiling…I don’t think she noticed us al all

as she seemed totally engrossed in the emerging colors of the fall.


When she saw us both she smiled, put her hands upon her hips

then waved us over,…but as we approached she put a finger to her lips.


“Close your eyes.” She whispered as we joined her on the knoll…

“Some sounds you can only hear,” she said…”when you open up your soul.”


“Now open your eyes and take this in…all of nature’s art.”

“Some sights you can only see” she said…”when you open up you're heart.”


“My husband and I used to walk this path…some of these trees were seeds we’d sown…

And now, to keep his memory alive…I walk this path alone…”


Sometimes I need to walk in the sunshine…I need to listen to the birds

I need to walk with only my memories…in silence…without words….”


“Because my heart needs the trees as companions, needs to walk under the sky

It is then I feel he’s walking with me as he did in years gone by.”


We were glad we took this path…glad we shared her laughter and her tears

And we left her as we found her…awash in her yesteryears.


As for us…we didn’t want to disturb her any more…so we marched on straight ahead


feeling blessed we took this path today…and amazed at where it led.

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