Mario brothers game

The story is about a magical place called the Mushroom Kingdom. A real paradise, where there are no troubles and the inhabitants live beautifully. At the head of the kingdom is the King and Princess Eider. But one day there was an invasion by evil turtles, who turned the inhabitants into rocks, bricks and plants, and took the Princess captive. Mario, hearing about this story, decided to help defeat the turtles and rescue Princess Greasy. Now the fate of the Princess and the entire Mushroom Kingdom depends on you!


The classic version of the game "Super Mario Bros" very much enjoyed by fans of this line of games. Easy control, simple graphics, clear goal - the key to the success of the game at that time. Because of this, the game about Mario is very beloved by fans.


In this game we have to control a plumber named Mario. To briefly describe the character, Mario also has a younger brother, Luigi. We will also get to play for his brother in some parts of the series. In most parts Mario has to rescue the princess from the castle. In one part the princess is kidnapped by evil turtle named "Bowser", because of this Mario is running around a lot of castles in search of the princess.


The gameplay of the game is truly fascinating. Each round is difficult and fascinating. Pass it you will be in the same breath.


If you can't download the game about Mario, we offer you our website. On our site you can enjoy a walkthrough of this game. And our main slogan is "Free game", which means "Free game". If you have thought about it, you are absolutely right. All games on our site are free, and anyone can play them. The game is online, so you need to have internet to play on the site.

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All in

Patience is wearing thin with these women. Tired of the gamble and going home from the table emptyhanded. Tired of these bitches acting like i got nothing better to do with my time but cater to them. Tired of being jerked around all all the time. Tired of emptydead end conversations with strangers that go knowhere. Tired of these fucking childish petty procedures. Tired of this fucking dead ass generation. Tired of trying.

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Verse 1:
I know that these words

Aren't quite true.

Ringing in my head,

Your voice becomes an echo,

An echo in my heart.


Now, I know it may seem

Strange or even crude

But I want you to know that

I've let you go.

I've let us go.


Verse 2:
Watching my expectations crash,

I silently wait on you

To notice me.

To notice the silence in the air.
You've now become an echo in my heart.


I wonder if you think of me

As I think of you at night.

It keeps me up at night..

Your intentions become clearer

As time goes on.


Don't play me for a fool.

'Cause I can play the game.

It won't end well

For the both of us.

We both become echoes in the night wind. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about a situationship that someone has moved on from whether it be a "fuckboy" or "fuckgirl". He/she is now in a healthy relationship with someone that can treat them better...

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