Cold Embrace

Cold Embrace

Filled with despair
“I'll meet you there”
Said to the phone
My heartbeat drones
To meet your love
And all thereof
To act, to show
So that they'll know
That we've moved on
(Our shared con)
All eyes assume
Within the room
But I just can't face
Your cold embrace
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Cold Embrace (Day 5)

365 Day Challenge

Today the mood begins to change,


A traveled pathway has been traveled,


Not short of guidance and help,


But we have reached a conclusion.




The trip has finally ended,


A long, tedious, excruciating journey


Through the valleys and mountains,


Rivers and forests,


Here we have arrived at the end.




And yet I find we are not yet healthy,


We have not reached our goal,


We became something we never wanted,


And now greet with a cold embrace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry for missing a few days! I was visiting some family :)

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