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Collection Of Mario William Vitale Newest Poems


The Chosen

in a little while

then I shall be no more


with each tender mire


leaves across the floor,




leaves out on the parlor


coffee in the frig


a box filled with chocolates


a note telling you how to live




the willingness to forgive





Patience Until Summer



we wait for the winter chill to end


falling on the arms of a faithful friend


the willingness to be no end


shadows block the memory




each step that I take


can't be retraced


a loving satin laced


perfume amidst decadance




the shallow pools resolve





The Fragrance Of The Timberwolf



occupy til I come


a blade of grass is formed


through tyrants rant of yesterday's advance


to help you get along




strong is the tongue that sets on fire a world made torn


curse the day you were actually born


the parting sky to a faint lulabye


a reprise to be learned




another page is turned





Sweet Anabele Lee



fancy and free


the way is she


my sweet Anabele Lee


her face was slim




in place of her offering


you mad a friend


in sweet Anabele Lee


she cherished a rose




that was plucked a time before


with quaint laughter to appease


start spreading its disease


through a doorway portal fill with cobblestone




she walk alone hopeful


through Lavender hue upon her brow


a sweet delicate shawl


she dances in a ring of fire




yet throws of each challenge with a shrug



Quaint Tapestry



sweet ambiance torn red


thoughts within my head


look at the story now read


your as good as dead




filter through a song of granduer


shadows block the vortex


wallow in the midnight mire


seek a gun for hire




the twist of the hand makes you understand


Influenced By Lingua Franca

Satish Verma

Be precise, I would say. 
The definition was changing― of the sand, 
in our eyes. 

Who was going to judge the 
translation of sex? There was no man, no woman 
in terms of misery. 

The nights were deluged. 
Days dry. My grains refuse to grow under― 
the timeless sun. 

The mother tongue is 
laced with fluid endurance. I stand in 
a storm, breathless. 

The absent death 
mocks at the living dead. How many times 
you will go to the river?

The Atrocities

Satish Verma

Friends and foes 
would have a scuffle 
about, who was going to pluck the lymphoma. 

A rainbow deflects, 
from your eyes, making 
me grasp for the breath. 

Seeks apology, while 
talking to trees, on boil 
was the language, under the poverty line. 

It does not make any sense. 
The rain catcher was on trail 
of a fugitive. 

The sun. Always hiding 
behind the veils of massacre. 
I am not going to face the moon.

It Kills It Kills

Satish Verma

Eaten up, by wanderlust― 
I started my sleepwalks 
cheating my dreams. 

The grace of knife was there... 
it did not open in daylight. 
Night was the brilliant host. 

When do I meet you― 
behind the moon― when stars 
were not twinkling out of fear? 

The rare gift of footnotes 
was sufficient to explain― 
the meaning of abstract pain. 

You will not treat the stings― 
very unkindly. They were 
meant to awaken you from letting it go.

Gold Coins

Satish Verma

A hate apart, living in embraces, 
one night― you find the 
bridge collapsed― in the 
forest of skins. 

In exasperation― I watch 
the face of the adultery. I 
will know― I am going too fast 
for the hypocrisy. 

Why you were becoming too 
cozy to the silence of the necks. 
The little feet are not― 
able to run for the morning star. 

Shutting the lamps. No moths 
will descend on the books― no 
bleeding of the verse, so 
you can become empty of arithmetic.

Earth Is Moving

Satish Verma

It is pouring. 
You can feel, smell and touch 
the rain. A river of qualms― 
starts swelling. Watercress― 
will decide the fate of water. 

Do not consent to switch off 
the amplitude. You cannot drink the sky. 

Keeping the lexicon― of road map in order. 

The scope of communiqué 
expires, if you do not offer the apology 
for dousing the snow with 
conspiracy and setting it on fire. 

A daring attack takes place 
to avenge the insult of mountains.

His Or Her Majesty

Satish Verma

That inner probe― 
and access― was the need. I 
promised myself, not to 
sail on the waves. 

It was difficult― the way 
of birth, to deliver the truth. 
You must invoke― 
the legacy of the reals― against the fakes. 

Factuality, your image 
will not suffer. I will witness 
the ultimate happening. The 
testament will not be written on the beach. 

Between ” I “ and “you” lies 
the gulf of ancestry. The 
unknowing will make it 
easy to understand the glacial fall.


Satish Verma

It bends― the chastity― 
the illicit vows. O, let me 
become an artisan. I will 
ensue― a new harvest of sandalwood. 

Don’t light the joss sticks. 
There is no abstract presence― 
of him. Nobody knows― 
you, better than me. 

Search the― 
magnum opus and you will 
find that― man has failed… 
to clear the debris of the Fort. 

Strange happenings, still 
take place. Grass is still green … 
in solitude, a poem 
takes birth.

Where The Road Ends

Satish Verma

Since you knew, ― 
it was going to cast a shadow. 

I let the question hang in air. 
Death was known, ― only to man? 

My suffering begins today. Adding― 
my two cents, I go wild. Too few 
white blood cells cruising in the veins. 
Like lightning strike― I put myself 
in harm’s way. 

Bright yellow― 
the gold and fire, absolutely opaque 
decimating the drooping primula. 

Impulsive, ― I raise the lid 
of blazing rage. A divine exposure. 
A millennium melts 
beneath the carpet of snow.