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Soda Spot King

sift through the wind

set of course as the Albatross tread

look at the mountains breathless

the sign in the field evokes fear

try to stop the parting tear

all hellos sport a hello or goodbye

clever notion of a soft reply


the wind blows freely upon my face

to behold the nectar smile

the smile of a child

mistakenly kind


the soda spot king

let freedom ring

the passing value

a challenge to be free


burgers and briefs

withstand a brand new leak

the refrigeration wears skin briefs

shallow from each parting eyes


down by the river

I stand as a forgiver

lay low on the acid

shattered dreams captured


love to share through a nursery rhyme

to barricade the mass beholder

just call me late for dinner

Jerry Garcia and an ace in the hole


take you to far off places you need to go

its a hunt between goodness and by

a shortness o breath

trapped through meadows that give hold of its meaning


Barren in fragrance the toast within

hearken on its rush

to parade again with its mockery

I exist as a vapor then I am no more


Trust in Jesus

the answer will free us from a together bliss


in sought after rich harmony spread your wings


I found my way by your spirit God send it free


you captivated it with a release in the heart


today we wait on God like sugar and spice


leaving behind not the slightest hint of the outcome


you are the sound out of the darkness you come to us


Lord fill us with a love bath quench the desire from within


each new day we face the music


Trust in Jesus



hits my face
like some soft
low pressure
water conserving
shower head
And I dance
in its spray
thinking of
pure lunacy,
Wishing I could
tug moonbeams
straight into my pores
And then,
I watch
myself floating
along in a gondola
holding stars in my hand
I light our way
through a puzzling
but beautiful
labyrinth of feelings






ough, two the window two to shore


rrgh..hey penny one penny tri penny three


elegant hands stay with the script


repeat stage 1,2,3...


Molech was here he was gone for a while


Sunshine boy


Brother Moon & Sister Sun,


remember me in times like these




to be set free


Molech screams


eating delicious ice cream






stand next to me


I go pee pee


poopy, cocky, stinky chesse


poopy cokcky, stinky cheese....




with flames to please






after the parade


the fat lady sings




take her lead


watch as I bleed


craving every need


follow me


follow me


in sincerity




5 Newest Pieces By Mario Vitale

All Of Earth

piercing through the hearts door matter

all of earth has to shatter

what was the matter

in all my ways and distant clamor

there is a way that seems right to a man

yet in the end is the pathway of death

I must confess most of life is a test

to see if you'll trust in him

the one with the amazing plan

humble yourself beneath the tide

all but most just run away & hide

yet we must confide

nor let things slide


shaped through a dream my pretty child choose the day




Angelic Prowess

the reliance on the simple

increased to pop a pimple

sadness in your heart's flame

why is everyone insane

the thought of humble apathy

in living out my complete legacy

through spider web solace

on the sofa I will sweat

forget that we have met

the pilgrims progress

life is but a process


shades of black turned to grey

wouldn't have it any other way

shades of Pine with charcoal red

gone are the days of walking dead

the brigade of the simple

angelic prowess




Towards The Lighthouse


When the blue

goes out of the water

on late afternoons

lemon foam


and ochre

circle the beach

I see the lighthouse

in wind grass


green blown

in first light

hovers near

reflecting gulls, starfish



I see the light

I know and become the light

whose finger


presses my mind

breaking and releasing

the dark pyramid





Some Will Go Before The Toss



caress with a kiss a passing fling

whispers in the park an angelic ring

space, traces & faces

look at all the lonely people

the stained glass & the church steeple


when I look deep into your eyes I can see a future

a beacon of light to a hurting world in need of love


how you have fought so hard & fierce

my one truest love is gone from here


a challenge to be free is a quest of time

my one solution is using my mind


living on the edge & its going to my head

sitting up at night all alone in bed


following a rainbow to the sky 

i see a dear vision of you pass me right by


you got to go through hell to get to heaven

shadows block the mere vortex of my eye


watch as you greet that vain passerby

love is gained it also has lost

humanities heaviest of cost

some will go before the toss



The Desires Of The Heart


today I see a light switch

flicked it with my finger

we are like the light switch

a tiff or tat an eerie switch

you should always pray


never lose hope

the joy of the Lord will make you strong

be satisfied with what you have


the lord won't leave his own people


trust in God and trust in me

he will not foorget the agreement he had with your ancestors,

pray and ask God and he will give you the desires of your heart

Radio Man



Back in the Summer of eighty five thank God I was still alive


music was filling the streets as I chilled by the strip


here's the trip many girls were dressed with flames both were not ashamed


the innocence of the day as I raged in a cage


there was folks with love swinging on its sod


there he stood the radio man with stereo in his hand


would rap to his music calling it sonic fusion cause he knew what he was doing


Break dance pants and folks playing hacky sack gave me a heart attack


those were the days getting lost in a purple haze better to act your age


yet for the radio man he had a plan


started block parties to raise money for his ailing uncle Freddie who had cancer


Radio was quite a dancer and fine tuned romancer on the village block he was the king


then one day many had need to pray Radio man went away to a mental facility


folks got word and thought it was absurd


there was no one else to entertain many grew insane


until a little time had passed then the Radio man was back


free styling cause he knew what he was doing


back on the mic never giving up on the fight


he was the center of attention with his brand new invention


a beat box mixer on his radio taking him places he needed to go


bust up the beat to promote the tempo it was Radio the king with his flow


always cracking jokes and smiling cause he had fish for frying no he ain't lying


Look To The Hills

walk with me through the passage of time


look to the hills hence comes my help


warm embrace spread abroad the place


make no mistake each step that we take call it fate




dig deeper then ever before


trying to even the score


shadows block the vortex from the eye


linger on in transient thought




to pour out the cadence


amidst the plot


to humbly think a lot


we each go through things




another door bells rings


Heightens of love


I longed awaited to see you, 

With breathless days till we met.

Emotions I fought with the deepest affection,

Counting every minute within great walls patiently.

Your masculine body I brushed with my fingers,

With immense love touched every inch of you.

Pure ecstasy drew our bodies as one,

Awaking a woman’s buried desire.

On the white blanket, you laid naked free,

Strong fingers embracing my breast gently.

Feeling soft gentle kisses around the neck,

Magnet my urge to the feeling of entice.

Blending your smell with aroma around,

Taste of you dwelled on my lips boundlessly.

Remembering how you pulled to grasp closer,

I so longed to be held near and ever deeper.

Hearing my breath while drowning in your arms,

I surrendered my love with the soul bound.

Read the geography of a woman’s body,

Uncovered for you with a sheer shyness.

A lonely heart beating for you wilder,

While the trebling voice sentence for the lost words.

Silent pain wrapped in a romantic nuance,

I lingered this moment to cherish with you!

A Beautiful Butterfly

The premise of my newest poetic piece reaches out to a woman suffering from bipolar disease she grows ill.


Further, realizes that life is short by listening to a beautiful song then gets touched by nature in the form of a butterfly...,


The woman reached out with everything in her very being to discover the presence of love.


Lastly, this is a touching piece I hope it will warm your heart.






A Beautiful Butterfly






she had a sultan swing swept above her hair


baby's hair with women's eyes reflective to share


she danced on a ring of fire yet throws back each challenge with a shrug


in light of the recent attacks on her life she is a victor


fighting back the tears from her eyes it came as no surprise


she moved to the tun of amazement in her veins


let me be the first to explain




a long time a go in a place so far away


she lay nestled in a corner of her room


she was diagnosed as bipolar and grew ill


in every attempt to help medicate we can call it fate


then one day she heard a beautiful song then destiny came through her eyes


she lingered long in her fantasy world with kings & queens


butterfly lay barren on her wall she was so cold took out a shawl




the butterfly flew outside her room out on the patio


taking her to sweet places she needed to know


in time the butterfly dazzled with an appeal of reason


perhaps it was in the changing of the season


she studied the beautiful butterfly with her eyes


days had passed still she had no reason to grasp where the butterfly went to




she sought with cadence through a tiny orb type crystal with a shaped heart


this would light the inner spark to what she had been waiting for


after the turning of events she saw the butterfly again this time it had grown to a mammoth queen...


the leaves were changing the side of the trees lied barren with moisture


cascading falls near her house with a cool crisp brook


she took a look and their was the butterfly friend in the air again


nature breeds cadence to the simple to take another look at its wonder




then there was a fatal day when the butterfly died she was frantic inside wanting to hide


there was no clear view of it coming alive so she buried it beneath the red sod


the cycle of life in its forbidden form gazed between the surface


helpless but never hopeless she slowly regained her confidence out of coincidence


out of tragedy she learned a clear lesson from the butterfly which is never relent to ever give up on the fight...,


until next time....