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Piercing Skulls

piercing skulls you'll see living out your legacy mirror blend must look at the sea

there's part of me that doesn't want to die to self as years collide beneath the folly hide

mix some music into your mind seek out the savor of the walking blind onto another

bearded ancients coupled with a deafening way to see all the suckers bleed

night turns into day a beautiful flower display burning bridges in the sink

can't even wink to dismiss the earthly bliss with a time well spent in thought


reach deep stand still & repeat beneth the fallen star you will go far through oceanic peaks

deafening below the centipede marks the flow that bleed sit at the table and squeeze

smile if you got them learn to depend upon the branch that bleeds two fold in need

turn up the stereo take you to place you need to go cascading into the bush levee

table talk onto the extreme use a lot of body cream there's all kind of riddles we squeeze


each new day we seek to bury the hay through dozen of pots in the sink

braid the parlor in the sake of cream...

still sick below the underware our passion flows

building bridges...


sorry doesn't cut it you have been set to blow it

cherish in the mirror nestled onto its immediate appeal

look to me above the sea

Stirring The Pot

Stirring The Pot


Wishing everyone a peaceful and productive weekend ahead. All the best, my friends

Only half a month is left before us in 2018. Wow. What a wild year it has proven to be. Some blissful moments spent sailing smoothly and a few sharp turns along the way. Such is the nature of life. To flow. To flux. To continually place one foot in front of the other as the mysterious path unfolds. All that remains now is to finish the song on a high note.


I’m thankful that a selection of my work has been accepted to appear in a forthcoming issue of

Each of us goes through things in the Christian life. Some tests are pleasant others make you sick to your stomach. The trick is to never lose hope of the Cross. See the battle is the Lord’s we are just coming along for the ride. There will be moments of depression, sadness & heart ache. Just remember you are the vine & he is the branch he’d love you to get through it if you just give him the chance. To take part in the heavenly dance. Many among us sleep, sick & tired. Yet be ever more vigilant because your enemy will try to get you down on every point & level. Resist Satan & draw near to God. There will be days when you feel like giving up yet hold on. There is a choir of angels in heaven cheering you on. Never relent to ever give up the fight of faith. Draw near to God & he will draw near to you. In the end we will lay our crowns at the feet of jesus in heaven. Never give up !


Stirring The Pot


the sheer elegance of the Holy Spirit as in singing a song

mark the one willing to explore awe so much more give place to the door

fill your mind with the sequence of lov through shoulders peak

love is the mere essence of my existence


search your mind,

embrace the plow a newer day has dawn

the enhance building of the flys

come as no surprise


Signs them signs every where you look there's signs inside my mind


outside my window taking you places you need to take a hold of don't you see


like renting a car down by the nearby bar when you had far too much to drink


places that you need to grow fond of beide the lavender hue beside the sea




Draw close to me this minute we both can fondly agree come sit next to me


the drawn out smoke from the make believe begun the fence where grass is green


Temptress came clean by the parting fenced forth machine in the land of make believe


The castle so far away has suddenly been drawn forth near having shed a tear




barricades of rainbows cascadig onto putting space in the wallowing chance to....


there can be danger up ahead the frequent fall out from the dead ring the bell from head


chemistry mix mash make believe fallen soldiers eating ice cream let out a scream


can you picture this dig if you will a courtyard oceans of violets of blue




mark the one who is willing to explore from the case onto so much more


pure Lenox tapestry much nice for two in dinner you see;


casuality across the ancient catastrophe




through fingers both willing to achieve,


through the chord of Page & Plant...


is it out of pure coicidence,


shower to lay a hold of the sign




Signs, signs & everywhere is signs...


taste the Nectar as it grows


Hearken onto remote control people all around


pray tell help me in cosmic make believe











cant run it in 720 hd

will balance it by a full

morning of Joelstene

in the crystal cathedral


stuck with the slow mo

three hundred..

truly need to get my

gamer tower working

cant even run videos

audio music only...


i did go for dog walk

natures beauty resplendid

neighbour screaming at his

kids....dealers door quiet

crack bridge empty of

jonesing waiters

like the line about


makes me think of undertakers


when the end times come

and those flying monsters are

released from the ground

that gets me

I hated and still do those flying

monkeys from Oz...


when i see the white horse

then i will know somethings up

and anyway we dont get CNN

so just have to wing it..


and you are write about being right

in school....my marks would have been

at least in the seventies were it not for

the laziness about spelling grammar

proper form....

i was spoiled...i worked for people

who had little resorts....and bosses

on the road with grade five education

hustlers who could barely read nor

write...handling huge bad assed crews

I got into using those symbols when I

used the typewriters..

forty two options of symbols and numbers

compared to the twenty six keys on this

motherboard plastic fantastic modern

contraption...still miss the manual typewriters

or electrics i once picked up.




lately queen a bid with eternity a humble plea

to stand in ovation amidst an earnest vacation

1986 the sorrowful fix a man and his gun unleak his cum

serving ditches ignoring all those bitches

Freddie Mercury bid with eternity

Bohemian Rap you see..,

although he had many loves the tender look at loves ovation

knock on the door where he was ready to go



all his thoughts were putting him further and further away from God

wanted to instead go to P town on the banks of Cape Cod

like a flock of seagulls there the wind blows

nurse the rhyme to begin to fly

Mercury lives out the lie


that says I am what I do

bit off more then he could chew

Freddie you see..,

painful to see


a vision of trans between his blended humanity

some friends to see below the breeze

Freddie you see was getting lost into a fixed reality

smoke of the gun between a rise in his jeans,


Although for some he was a slave to sin

here is where I humbly begin deep from within again

learning a little bit as he was coming along

I want to ride my bicycle I want to ride it well...,


for some he was a nobody in their minds but was hidden behind

a surplus to learn how to manage he comes as a slave next turn to believe

Freddie to stay Mercury the purpose of his winning

the end from the truest beginning


Freddie came to believe a bit of a mystery

his weakness and his strength would rise

the develop of a following dig deeper to remember

every time we are tempted about something


there always comes an opportunity

although he thought he had every thing he is thrown into a prison of curtains

pay no attention to his that is behind the curtain,

yet it payed to be the one the only Freddie M ercury


The devil came to Freddie and he answered its call

then we hear he melodies lurking at your neighborhood mall

on the banks of the roller rink so many years ago master the flow

dreams of recaping what one was basking,


Freddie will have to stand before his maker

not to which sprayed a get together as a singer

he stood for power in a quaint reserve,

balanced power relieved


Only God Knows !


Queen, engulfed their intact wizardy across the world...,

a cool breeze blowing on their adoring fans we hear,

out on a mission he reigned through a magic current

turning each page with guidance amidst inner violence;

Although he died of Aids his legacy lingers on within song

Magic Mercury very theatrical boom...,


English bred his soul monumental glimpse

historic torn magestic feeling

Shoot To Thrill

Shoot To Thrill

jump to squeeze do what you please get down to your knees
hallowed shed bees a little by the breeze..,
Freddie Mercury led a fantastic legacy
building bridges onto let him in
crazy as in the number ten

carry on reported means
listen to the fallen leaves
notice the changing of the guard
built by pressure number one

promised by the number done
clear the picture from the psalms,
history is fore told
shed comes from your nose

Shoot to thrill the less you kill
a rocket or a spring the untimely ring
press the wire from the Autumn wire that's sewn
right in front of you too late for curfew

to smile amidst a burger & fry
night turned to day a hero sprung away
such moments to memories such as these...

Love In The Concrete




don't answer me the noise from the thick concrete altough windows are opened


the stark hinderance to reach the Apollo can teach given someone to reach


pillows with cotton silk with satin debris sorry what you mean claim the game of mean


Love in concrete the reason why we leap parade in foxes brief stand still and repeat


there's flavor in the ocean caught by memory of its fallen debris come to sit next to me


filtered through an onion sitting on the porch swing no claim to fame love in concrete




A soul take one to heart through windows start we miss the mark you claim the start


today maybe the last day of your life so take a new start heros miss the mark


out in Virginia stand still within ya crackling rosie continue rescue in between ya


starting on something plain turn in the oven pay attention to the royal sweet...,




Love in the concrete stand still or repeat it gets better by far the ready made car


Tupac had a vision that's what we are missing through a gate your chosen


The Working Man

The Working Man

sought get old with my high school beard chased through each pillar a delight to deliver
our nations youth in sorrowful truth got them knocking best north the working man
nor a mere shoulder to cry out sweat the lulabye from a slight reply help you get by
each new day let them come your way yelling to each feature in the crazy tongue

The working man with whom you can depend exist in a solace sultry dish hard to mix
a lamp to lght a silver tree bright wisdom intellectualized order to promote its soda
lying heart prevail better chack your mail sold out feature to each trial on the double
Scarlit order will build closer you have to increase its function lock it up go to work night

seems to me I better work in my life that's why they call me the working man is what I am
The working man you better understand...,
lay a hold of the weekly price let loose as to realize as a bee in its hive the working man


I love post poems

each of us is naked inside our clothes left as a tender rose as you suppose

an untimely gift so you get my drift in a center from the mind you got this

a tender swept deal amidst the pain zero in on a name heros plain

each day is a gift if you get my drift soft sorrow in the drift

live in the center of your mind circle in my mind...,

Kit Kat the sorrowful nap can give you a heart attack treasure in back

love is a coma a masterful sonar toward anything goes,


taking a cat nap with the sugar in the back folding hands as to react

circle in the wind the sorrowful minister wins the beauty as to reach a bit deep;

the folding of the hands embraced by the saviors hand

a commercial to breath knocked down to your knees

fragrance to the wind as in sorrowful win


a breath of lavender with a shed of Rosemary,

knocking as to dreaming the underscore is winning

proof a deposit in the closet a rip torn logic,

sure fire way to meeting cactus branch receiving glory be


life is busy when your making other plans all to understand the Willow nor the fan

time to embrace and understand:

Rocky running up those stairs one can't compare that nothing was there

he made his way drinking eggs slurpee,

a nestled beat stand room to repeat...,


Rocky throwing stones in regards to staying in the zone

having to fight Mr. T and The Russian or should I let somethings beam,

sweat pant Army pants the quietness of letting go beyond the branch of leting go

Rocky could fight like there's no tommorow amidst his pain nor sorrow,


Although the years have passed still having every reason to ask the flame of his glory

that's still not the end of the story,

see beyond the make believe his sees a heavenly need to help each other

pierced with regards of letting go 


Rocky taco prize for letting things go bust up the beat to increase ts tempo

All those years ago the beat of letting go,

surfing through its magic a time before..,

Rocko taco take you their take you to the sky take you any where


life is built on faith make no mistake the proof is in the pudding who are you kiding

love has gained it also has lost humanities courageous of cost


Each new day we learn something valuable amidst the pain inside we gain

what are the marching orders let me be the first to explain:

A coward dies 1, 000 deaths a saint dies but one

in the ancients circle let them mark down but none

beauty in the famous beast lie down gently and repeat

a ballpark figure that one deserves to recapture


love has its roots down deep and structured for all to notice

how you had fought so hard and fierce my one truest love is gone from here

a challenge to be free is a question of time my one solution is using my mind

living on the edge and its going to my head sitting up at night all alone in bed

following the rainbow to the sky I see a reflection of you pass me by

Our war were in is almost over its so hard to believe I lost my lover...,


pierce the moon beam to the center of the heart