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Happy Birthday Warcraft

Happy Birthday Warcraft

By jfarrell


(to the greatest video game in the world - in my opinion)


Happy 13th Birthday to World of Warcraft,

And a big shout out for my guild, Nascent;

13 years I have lived this game

And itā€™s been far better than my real life (big truth).


From my first warlock killing boars in the Valley of Trials,

And holding the siege at Crossroads

As the Alliance attacked in their thousands;

Trying to wipe us from extinction.


To my resto-druid, Slugbrain, healing valiantly,

As my guild took down Kiljadeen on mythic;

Them raid dungeons can be tough;

Especially as my brain turns off when the tactics are explained.


But my heart lies in Warsong Gulch;

As does a leg, my left ear;

And Iā€™m sure I lost an eye there, too;

PVP (player versus player for noobs :-) ) is my life!


Whether twirling my shiny swords as I start battle;

Or holding my staff aloft, with all the power of Gandalf;

PVP is the closest I can get to legal murder :-)

Thank you World of Warcraft; happy 13th birthday.


(and thanks Blizzard, the company behind WoW)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

horde for life - bad horde, bad horde, watcha you gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you? :-)

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Life is a Game

Theme Based Poems

If life is just a game then i could never quit // cause to tell u the truth im addicted to this shit // to the RUSH to the drug that keeps my heart beating // im a FORCE UNLEASHED // untill the day that i would die i will always stay competeting // never feeding into the lies // most of the truth is in disquise // my heart was witness to so much evil even the DEVEL MAY CRY // but since i cant even shed a tear let it be known that i do not FEAR // so if u step in my BATTLEFIELD u would hear a BLOODY ROAR // cuz i will show no mercy like in SMACKDOWN VS RAW // I'll take my TEKKEN out & make it rain shooting a BULLETSTORM at ur face // so let me introduce u to my little friend as i give u a SCARFACE // turning on the GEARS OF WAR in the back of my mind and it'll take a SPLIT SECOUND to erase u from time // living ina BIOSHOCK world man who wouldnt go insane but im one step ahead injecting plasmids in my viens // fulfilling that NEED FOR SPEED high driving in every other lane // we're only DEAD OR ALIVE why? cuz we try to escape the chains // if u wanna be free then u need to step up ur game // no more pussy shit // for now on this is MORTAL KOMBAT // so i put my back to the past JUS CAUSE it can kiss my ass & im not a angel but i got a HALO on my head because before i wrote this rap they said hip hop was LEFT 4 DEAD.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I made this poem using video game titles. i will be making part 2 to this poem soon. I captialized the games so you can see how many i used. count for urself :) ~ also - Honorable Mentions : deadspace // heavy rain // deadrising // mass effect // fallout // darkness // prince of persia // uncharted // bad company // half life // max payne // street fighter // hitman

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