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How to gear up in Battle for Azeroth

The battle for Azeroth is one of the newest as well as the greatest expansion of the game World of Warcraft. As a result, there are a lot of new features available, however, the progression of end-game player still depends on gear.

But a lot of people have a question in their mind that how to gear up in the Battle for Azeroth. That is why I am writing this article. In this article, I am going to write about the fastest ways to gear up in the Battle for Azeroth. But before that, I think I should make you understand how the gear works. So let’s have a look.


How gear works

Instead of plucking an activity which rewards a fragment of the gear at an appointed ilvl, most of the gears have a small opportunity to show up at the highest ilvl from any kind of activity.

If an item shows up to ten ilvls over the base, this will be surely marked as the Warforged in a tooltip. On the other hand, if the item procs more than 15 then this will be surely marked as the Titanforged. For instance, If you like the solo questing then there is a very small chance of your rewards from the World Quests can the Titanforge as well as be at the similar level as the loot from the Mythic Dungeon.

One thing you should note that you cannot Titanforge /Warforge the Azerite Armor, also, you can Warforge the Weapons up to +10 ilvl.

The personal loot method will continue to be pinched in Battle for Azeroth (since there are no longer any master /group loot options), but if you can win any item of the lower or same ilvl than the current one of yours, then you will be able to trade it to any other in group.


Now let’s see the fastest ways to gear up in Battle for Azeroth


The fastest way to gear up in Battle for Azeroth.

When you can ding the highest level, the ilvl of yours will be about 280 ilvl.

So here are the fastest ways to gear up in the game and make your character prepare to the raids as well as the mythic plus.


Warfront – The gear as well as the Azerite gear

Emissaries (The gear as well as Azerite gear)

The World Quests

The World boss

The Dungeons (The filler, especially weapons/rings/trinkets)


Once you have finished gearing up to 330+, you will be able to start the mythic+ runs as well as get prepare for the raiding.


In this way, you can gear up very fast.



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Happy Birthday Warcraft

Happy Birthday Warcraft

By jfarrell


(to the greatest video game in the world - in my opinion)


Happy 13th Birthday to World of Warcraft,

And a big shout out for my guild, Nascent;

13 years I have lived this game

And it’s been far better than my real life (big truth).


From my first warlock killing boars in the Valley of Trials,

And holding the siege at Crossroads

As the Alliance attacked in their thousands;

Trying to wipe us from extinction.


To my resto-druid, Slugbrain, healing valiantly,

As my guild took down Kiljadeen on mythic;

Them raid dungeons can be tough;

Especially as my brain turns off when the tactics are explained.


But my heart lies in Warsong Gulch;

As does a leg, my left ear;

And I’m sure I lost an eye there, too;

PVP (player versus player for noobs :-) ) is my life!


Whether twirling my shiny swords as I start battle;

Or holding my staff aloft, with all the power of Gandalf;

PVP is the closest I can get to legal murder :-)

Thank you World of Warcraft; happy 13th birthday.


(and thanks Blizzard, the company behind WoW)



Author's Notes/Comments: 

horde for life - bad horde, bad horde, watcha you gonna do, watcha gonna do when they come for you? :-)

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