Collection 2014

I have in me a soul
Hideous and perfectly impure;
Devil's magnum opus,
I'm beyond any cure.

Catalyst of unforgivable sins,
A prominent disciple of dark;
Dwells never in me, NEVER,
Any lone holy mark.


The governed willingly get raped,
Respected be the government than porn.
Such fates were written at length

The day I was, officially, born.


The righteous forced to put as fast
A silken cloak called folly,
Promise, as always, was a bait,
Alluring, imperious, poisoned lolly.


My cox, the opportunist seers,
In seek of the prolific rules,
Have steered me so well, so fleet,
In the ocean of the ignorant fools. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Awaiting harsh criticism.

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A wound in the heart
A scar in the moisturizing fresh skin
A fire that turns log to ashes


Like a broken glass
Scattered on the land of Arewa's


Like a rain water
Spattered on the rooftop of the Odua's


Like a shreded book
Littered on the kingdom land of Ndigbo's

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tell me where corruption does not step in.

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Power,Give It To

Who shall power we give?
lie,corruption,greedy or selfish
Let they not have it!
Unpatriotic,Lazy,oppression or cruelty
Give it not to they!
On the palms of wisdom,honest,humility,patriotic and hardwork
You must let power lie
Yes,give it to good,merciful and tolerance!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Elect leaders wisely!

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Am I willingly choosed to be citizenry
Possibly, I may be dreaming or soaked in trance
As state of mind entwined like a knitted muffler
When should their weary be tasted? an inimical
of ours

What neighbours are trading out, their archaic
How starved we are in eagerness of leftover
Unarguably, leaders are God-fearing
With their heart full of sinful deeds

As it's been driving by competent heads
Which makes life an ants in a bag of sugar
Streets are glowing like a football pitch in the
With unblinking lights that cold liquid in

As liquid flows incessantly in in-ground run tap
For mass interest, judicial are indifferent to
legislative arm
Like two war-lords in a battle ground
For their mice-like ears open widely for citizen

A technology based country
Where all in one and not one in all
With its naturally blessed of on-shore and off-
A community in a global village

Eagernessly, every country is partnering
With its blossom enriched friuts to pluck
Citizen are healthy like an angels in firmament
As its hospitals are well equiped flourishing with

And a rescue spot for its neighbours
Thirsty for unemployed graduates
To in-fill their vacants holes
As every living is waking in peace and not in

What all citizens are clamouring and craving for
As it's appeared like a mirage in an asphaltic way
When should their weary be tasted, an inimical
of ours
Our clamouring polity

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What we want in a political country as this potrayed what we want in our country while the politicians yielded the negative side of our desire

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American Struggle


This reality is my demise

Where everything I hear is evil and full of lies

There's a little girl hungry but no one hears her cries

Cuz her mothers workin two jobs strugglin but she tries


This worlds just so fucked up

People murder and betray just for a quick buck

And you won't make it out alive without a little bit of luck

It's a sad realization that the world is so corrupt

Inner-City school's now in session

" And I don't wanna learn the streets teach me lessons"

The kid says while his mom counts her blessins

Praying her sons not a victim of intellectual recession

Lower class is second class in this nation

Where people look to crime for salvation

And don't blame us for giving into the temptations

It's a trickle down economy but we're dying of dehydration.


So what are we supposed to do?

When it feels like the worlds united against you.

Getting sick in this nation if you don't have insurance

Could be a death wish if you don't have the endurance

To keep fighting for your right to a life

If you could call it that through all the hardship and strife

But you gotta stay optimistic in this sadistic

Nation where we come second to special interest

I promise, what I'm telling you is fact

Obama and Romney's biggest supporter is Goldman Sachs

That's no coincidence you can realize that

Just open your eyes long enough to see the devilish pact

And now is the time for us to react

Take our country back We need a revolution stat

They can't get away with their oppresive facist acts

Or you can just sit back relax and wonder where your freedom is at


Just wake up

Open your eyes

Realize that our government lies

And before another soldier dies

Before another family cries

We need to rise

Cut ties with this government guise

fight for your lives cause your freedoms the prize

just open your eyes

And realize what they took

The truth is right in front of you 

But don't be scared to look

Mr. President

-Incomplete. Sample Purposes Only.-


Black residents in the White House – thank you, Mr. President -- but that succession doesn’t eliminate the presence of a present problem of the past and future. We’re still faced with oppression, beaten and battered to depression, maybe not physically but emotionally and mentally.


Black heroes are fictional characters, televised to keep us hypnotized; our eyes are mesmerized by the lie of their lives. We don’t talk about our low self esteem but it is taken advantage of – used to lead us to believe the dream we need that diamond-bling, we’re above the rim if we have 24-inch rims with the blinding gleam. So few of us care about how we’re seen or state of being, yet are the first to complain when being racial profiled – well take a look at the profile! 

In the Future

In the Future,

We Will Not Piss or Shit nor Fuck or Fight,
We Will Have No Moment of Solitude Without a T.V. Present,
The Latest Drowning Victim or Lost Child Will Be Pumped Into Our Already Occupied Minds Fast as Greased up Hippos on Ice Skates,
No U.S.A. Gold Will Go Unnoticed,
Not Our President,
He Will Not Fail,
We are the Best,
The Best of Any and All Society to Come Out of Modern Culture,
We Believe It,
Every Single Letter of It,
Eat, Sleep, Drink and Fuck it
Nightly News Anchors Staring at Our Most Private of Parts Running Down The Days Chaos,
Massive Droughts In New Mexico, 
Riots in Tahiti,
Starvation in Spin-a-Globe-and-Point-Your-Finger-Fashion,
Oh, But You've Got Some Type of Massive Constipation Right?
And You CAN'T Go!
It's of No Real Consequence,
We've Got Wars to Fight,
Draughts to Irrigate,
Riots to Break Up God-Dammit!
Forget Your Personal-Plugged-Up-Piping,
Do What's Right for Your Country,
We've got REAL things to Deal With Here!
All the While Doing and Going About Our Very Regular and Private But Now Public Lives,
It is Always Watching,
And We,
Always Watching It,
Don't Look Into a Mirror Unless You See A Reflection,
Don't Speak Until You Hear Sounds Mimicking Faint-Angel Songs,
Certainly Don't Touch a Thing,
History is a Museum,
Time is Sacred Here,
Absolute and Unchangeable, 
It has Been Written in Hundreds-Of-Thousands-Of Books in Thousands-Of-Millions of Languages,
Passed Out to the New Innocent Blooming Crooks,
There was A Bake Sale Today,
American Pie's 5 for A Dollar,
They Will Hand Them Out,
With Black Crows Cooked Inside,
They Will Hand Them Out and We Will Eat Them,
Tell the World How Delicious Crow Cooked American Pie Is,
And the World Will Lick its Last Finger,
And  Blindly Agree
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Digital Industrial

Hammer to the bone,

Pain to make the heart beat slow.

There’s diamonds in the water,

Drinking sorrow with a bittersweet grin:

There’s so much effort put into hate.


Tomorrow rests on a hazy sunrise,

What is to become of resurrected, buried lies?

We sewed our eyelids to the warning,

Forgetting the echoes of careless whispers,

Withdrawing into a false sense of security.


Break the cycle,

Burn the trail,

Systematic slave on labour’s golden wheel;

Giving heart to a brainless machine,

Apathetic and lethargic:

Not programmed for reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a revolution