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Piggy Bank

Piggy bank;

stuff the pig with some coins


Bloat it,

get it ready


Piggy bank;

put all your money in one place


Sacrifice your life,

slave away


For future pleasure,

they call "retirment"


Put it in the Piggy bank;

stuff it full,


Invest in your own



Every nickel

and penny counts!!!



Republicans in Congress are scum,

just the same as the Democrats,


None of these motherfuckers ever 

get anything done


And they stay in office way past 

their prime


All they do pass shitty bills

that fuck up the economy,


They need to get their hand

out of the motherfucking cookie jar

and stop being so god damned corrupt,


I hate all politicians, no matter what side,

they are all whores 





Once Our Great land

A great land filled with crooks and tyrants where shall we go.  My great country once but now taken for everyone not their foes.   Born here and all that I know, Grabbing my kids and on we go.  Looking high and looking low for a place not so greedy and trying to not let the sadness show.  We all line up to vote to elect someone else better, but not realizing the one we gave vote was swinging a fake banner.     They promise a future for then and for now we wake up to realize that is was for their fat cow.  We beg for our share for them to care but they hear us not I’m just glad we have our cot.    

 Written by,   Rob Casteel

An Uphill Battle


The giant is pure

Its shield 

Near impervious

This mile high monster

Extruding from the Earth

As an obelisk of Hell

Feeding the deception

The false prophet sings

Lined with death

Defenses of steel and iron

Metal thorns 

Of tempered blades

And turrets

Primed to eradicate all in its path

This prison of ignorance 

Our last salvation

The last barrier to freedom




Author's Notes/Comments: 

The newest poem in my series called, Darkened

Before We Fall Again


She is ever-growing

Giving a new face to the world

But down in the deep dark

The void consumes all

Ruins left in shambles

Memories broken by time

A world once filled with light

Has faded

We must fight this darkness

And stand tall

A debt will be paid

The Cage will be broken

Our time will come again


Truth About Walls


Truth About Walls


It's cold

Though you wouldn't know it

Inside your walls

A facade has grown

The comforts bestowed

Meant as distractions

Hand-fed oppression

A blissful ignorance

Skewing the lines of truth

This so called protection of the people

We designate

The Cage 




Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is the second poem in a series of poems that I'm doing. The first one being, "The Beginning of Another End."

American Struggle


This reality is my demise

Where everything I hear is evil and full of lies

There's a little girl hungry but no one hears her cries

Cuz her mothers workin two jobs strugglin but she tries


This worlds just so fucked up

People murder and betray just for a quick buck

And you won't make it out alive without a little bit of luck

It's a sad realization that the world is so corrupt

Inner-City school's now in session

" And I don't wanna learn the streets teach me lessons"

The kid says while his mom counts her blessins

Praying her sons not a victim of intellectual recession

Lower class is second class in this nation

Where people look to crime for salvation

And don't blame us for giving into the temptations

It's a trickle down economy but we're dying of dehydration.


So what are we supposed to do?

When it feels like the worlds united against you.

Getting sick in this nation if you don't have insurance

Could be a death wish if you don't have the endurance

To keep fighting for your right to a life

If you could call it that through all the hardship and strife

But you gotta stay optimistic in this sadistic

Nation where we come second to special interest

I promise, what I'm telling you is fact

Obama and Romney's biggest supporter is Goldman Sachs

That's no coincidence you can realize that

Just open your eyes long enough to see the devilish pact

And now is the time for us to react

Take our country back We need a revolution stat

They can't get away with their oppresive facist acts

Or you can just sit back relax and wonder where your freedom is at


Just wake up

Open your eyes

Realize that our government lies

And before another soldier dies

Before another family cries

We need to rise

Cut ties with this government guise

fight for your lives cause your freedoms the prize

just open your eyes

And realize what they took

The truth is right in front of you 

But don't be scared to look


You're not free when a piece of paper controls your life


You're not free when they persecute you for smoking cannabis in a pipe


You're not free when they tell you how you should think, feel, and act


You're not free when nobody is aware that their lives are under attack


You're not free when music, TV, and the internet implants horrible things in your mind


You're not free when decent, caring, and imaginative people are so hard to find


You're not free when they poison all of your food, water, and medicine


You're not free when they suppress life changing technology over and over again


You're not free when your own government wants to corrupt and destroy the world


You're not free when you're so disgusted by society that it makes you want to hurl


You're not free when the open minded are called crazy and not given a fair voice


You're not free when most of the world is working for nothing wihtout a choice


You're not free when they want to take away your guns and leave you defenseless


You're not free when most people are miserable and in poverty and they could care less


You're not free when THEY create chaos and then later on act like they're fixing OUR mess


We're not free when the few people who DO care are not listened to


We're not free when lies are fed to thousands and percieved as true


We're not free when our every move is watched to keep control


We're not free when our country is run by evil people with no soul


We become closer to freedom once we start to ask more and more questions


We become closer to freedom when we work together against their oppression


We will be free once enough people come together to learn and accept the truth


We will be free once their fucked up system gets destroyed by people like me and you