The Strokes

Landslide came into my life without notice, 

I myself am lost, not in moor, 
not in cloudland, not in fog, not in haze,

not in markets, but within my 
own polluted sketches. 

Excerpts from my poet friend, Nabin Chitrakar’s poetry “Formless Canvas”


In the circle of time 

changing continuously in every seconds 

is the poetry –


The poet’s no conscious of

When? How? Where?

crop up as if shaken

all at once by the earthquake

the mind stroke to his poetry in a second.


The spirit of the poetry encountered 

the blood corpuscle of half of his body

ceased to streaming, bending into fragility.

The remaining other half 

gushed in its veins naturally.


Then the posture of his body

half immovable and

other half movable

being altered instantly in its body

confronted the torture of no limit.


Neither my mind sensed

Nor your mind aware of it.


But it looked baffled

in the tears of

illimitable and immeasurable

hazy in its eyes.

In the mind of the poetry,

the inert part of its body

obstructed the motion,

the sensed part of it

forced to resume its motion,

the result of which yielded  

the awful agony and anguish 

that savoured syrupy in its tongue

chewed up the immovable

to restore its ability of moving  again 

in very efforts of the poet.


I’m too confident

Like you do.


The poet will indeed hurl

the sense of immovability

caught in his living.


The cost...

I wish I could explain exactly what and how I feel.
Human beings are stuipid that way.
We're able to feel too many things
Things that feel good and things that feel bad.
Some nights I wish I could be anything else but human.
We don't realize as people, how easy it is to break someone and crush them down to a pile of ash simply because they said something unknowingly...or perhaps lacked to say something that was important to them. 
"It wasn't intentional, i had no idea"
Something like that would be uttered out but that's human nature. Unknowing, clueless creatures.
Reasons beyond what I understand or am capable of knowing why, I may have discovered why I wish to remove my exsistance from this world. It's not that I want to live. It's that i want to live happy without being able to experience the bad things, BAD emotions.
However it can only be a dream.
Happiness is expensive.