I Miss You

Some things in life are too good to be true
And for me that was you

You know that I like you
I wish you’d like me too

Now I wish we never met
Because now, all I do fret

Over these thoughts of you and me
These thoughts wont let me be free

You’re the first girl I tried over
The first girl I ever cried over

You’re the first girl I kept promises for
But you don’t even talk to me anymore

I thought you were the one
It’s either you or no one

There was never a secret between the two of us
And now I made everything a mess

We used to talk all night
We wouldn’t hang up until we saw the sunlight

I used to be your best friend
And now even that’s come to an end

Is it because I asked you
If you liked me too?

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too scare you
Please talk to me again, I really miss you

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's about my best friend and the love of my life, but I messed things up with her :/ I thought putting my thoughts into a poem would help. It didn't, now I think about her even more
But yea hear it is, idc if it sucks, i just wanted to type up some pity poetry.

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