The Incredible Machine

A dawn of advance
The world was ready,
The people weren't
And their children heaved through years of framework,
It was progress...


Alas the good deeds
People found new needs,
They set out to reach
The things they would teach...


A night to recall
The battle was won,
The war neverending
Upon it they weaved a special network,
It was useless...


A spun web of fate
Of gaiety and hate,
Forgotten the days,
Of the mortal ways...


An eclipse of minds
Oiled engines and souls,
Young, riotous rage
And they wanted blood for joy and fireworks,

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War Machine

Throwing away pennies as the hustler goes in retreat,

The voice is but an echo of what was once thought,

No soul can bend the guiding star, though not for a lack of trying.

We bury the dead until they have risen to the surface,

Just another resource, product and bought.


Freedom is an exemption from what we are told to believe,

Tightly packed mannequins fed with money and fear.

The fires are spreading, directed by blame,

Blissfully unaware that they will return again,

Sealing the fate of each broken man.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

History repeats, programmed to destroy and kill.


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my ode entitled 'shopping machine'

belief system

Shopping Machine

Your born and raised as a shopping machine
Shopping with mummy initially
Picking up your shopping habits
From your pushchair lookout
Trying to pick things up to play
To make it a more enjoyable day


Not just your early shopping experience
Everything under your roof to behest
From early age, taught to sit on chairs
Sleep on a bed, all to generate profit
Nothing wrong with comfort in life

But nothing like some basic living

To teach you the value of everything
Also true merit in fasting
Sleeping and eating on the floor
A flexible fit body would ensure
Without an overpriced gym membership

They are truly amazing: squat toilets

Valuable lessons living in the east
You can be fit as a flea: for free
But can you give up cream cakes?
Come on, it’s only for a day
Or have you got a potato crisp fetish?
50% fat, so please stick to lettuce


Try giving up food for a day or two
An overeating body will truly thank you
But really have you ever stopped to think?
If there is more to life than giving
Most of your salary to someone or something
Just to tread water; day to day living


Unless your seriously wealthy already
Climbing capitalism’s ladder; getting heady
Though if you've exploited anyone at all
In your ascent of this dog eat dog world
I can assure you your card is marked
Spiritual graduation coming , no head start


In fact your going to pay the price
For exploiting others in this human life
You w ill go the same way as Steve Jobs
Who was surely killed by God
For being so uncaring and exploiting all
In his factories, to suicide some did fall


Because they weren’t treated fairly at all
God don’t mind capitalism, as long as it’s equitable
But if the thing be akin to dog eat dog
Back either of them, your lot
In this life game of Monopoly
If you have morals, treat people fairly
Then you get treated fairly too
Any other way and your life to loose

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A human soul, a microchip brain, built of synthetic flesh, birthed from the lonely and the powerful. Transplanted inside the human machine, she is the first, she is the gen-1, she is ghost.

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Transfering of the soul

When man learned how to extract the soul, he made the flesh an outdated machine..
the human machine became unneeded and discarded in the waste pits of the outlands...
the mass extinction of 2022...

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