My ode to the Bumble Bee

Animal Kingdom


Bumble Bee


Bumble Bee buzzin Around
From flower; flower bound
Collecting pollen; pollen baskets
Spare stuff: Pass it

Stuck to body and legs
Cross pollinating at best
Keeping vegetables pollinated
Bees; loved not hated


Thing about round bees
Clumsy; not good aerodynamically
Bouncing around defying gravity
Collecting pollen for honey

Some look like wasps
Seem a more purposeful lot
More direct; streamlined
More efficient to find?

Pollen needed for honey
Especially when it’s sunny

Too cold at winter time
But warm in the hives

Waiting for the sun
Open flowers; crops: Buds
Spare thoughts in snow
Where bumblers did go?

If keeping warm today
Only waiting for sun hats
Hip hip hip hooray

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