Well I hate to go shopping in the first place,

live in an area where there are way too many people,

too many cars, buses, bikes (both kind),

just too much to stress me out before I even get there.

Finally after being in traffic for hours to just go 10 miles,

I make it to the worst place on earth for me.

The prices of the Kiwi this week..... what are they kidding me?

Oh look hon, I like those fresh peaches, wonderful if they taste sweet?

The melons are only 89 cents a pound today, oh and look, fresh garlic bread warm and tasty.....

Cinnamon rolls, pop tarts, chicken breasts,onions, potatoes not bagged.

Cold drinks, Popsicles don't forget, oh and bade.... what about my French Market coffee.... such a treat.

Then off to the paper isle... my partner loves that isle.... oh baaaaaby look, Kleenex for just a dime....

the toliet paper is cheaper if we buy the 24 rolls.... where will we put all this.

Don't forget the Red Bull, I have to have one a day for some reason.

Vitamins A,B,C,and E.... then the Feverfew for the headaches that make me blind.

Allergy meds for those bad nasty air days, toothpaste, deodorant and I think that is about it.

Quick grab that place, there behind that man/woman, with the hair from hell.

Phew what a day, and then we still have go to the electronics store.......

shit... thats another poem..... LOL...

Thank you Tim..... loved it...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

contest of Grocery shopping.... what a hoot Tim....

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Roz Turner's picture

Hi Renee Well, I love shopping.... this is scary, but this is my time out for the week. Great read Roz :)

Alyson Mays's picture

This poem makes me glad to live on the laid back east coast! No traffic, nice people, and clean air. You should come and visit girl. Speaking of shopping, ummm, I have to run to the store now. LOL Great poem! Love, aly

vjochum's picture

Once again, you make me laugh!! This one had my head spinning because I HATE GROCERY SHOPPING! That person with the hair from hell??....I know him well, think he's the one who jammed my heel with his cart! LOL

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Renee' This is cute..I can say honestly, that I love to shop- grocery store, department store, whatever...I am there! I love candles and usually I find one at almost every store I go into.. LOL I just spent 2 hours at target tonight! I got some very pretty little feather things to put in my know that little furry hair ties? They are so cute! Anyway...very cute poem. Great title, tim!

Edwin Robinette's picture

A really cute poem here! But honestly, I hate grocery shopping myself, but we have to eat! You must have forgot, I did not see any wrestlers in this poem!! LOL Anyway, good posting!!

gentle's picture

Well, this one, as always, was just plain fun!!! One a day for me has to be Kokanee - the beer out here!!! HAhahhahaha! Amy

Gentle is the night♥

Tim Marshall's picture

WELL that was fun,now i want a bottle of BERINGER WHI/ZIN WINE,IT TASTE GREAT AND A SPECIAL BUZZZZZ any ideas lay em out L&P

Nancy H's picture

Fun post Renee!! It's such a relief to read light poems occasionally...and in my opinion, you should test Miranda's game, could make it interesting!!! Or you could do as I a map of the store and plot your course, be there when it first opens, run through the doors, grab a cart, do wheeley's around the corners, racing up and down aisles while tossing purchases in, make your way to the cash, pay the person, grab the bags and STOP THE CLOCK...WHEW!!! A new record...All done before anybody else can tick you off!!!!... That was fun!...I have too much time on my hands to plot strategic courses in my day to day life...all in the name of avoiding bull****!!!!!! \0/ Thanks Renee, Nancy

Miranda Rae's picture

Renee, you would feel so much better if you played my favorite grocery store game...CART RAGE! All you gotta do is see how many people and displays you can "accidently" run over. (My best score is four people and two displays in one trip.) It makes grocery shopping much less stressful and much more fun (until the manager asks you to leave, that is). :) :) :) :) :)