The Man named Jack who may just be damned

I can’t stop dreaming about your eyes

i want them to be my eyes

i can’t stop staring at your mouth cause I want it on my other set of lips. I can’t help but want to wrap my legs around you

the arousal you cause in me with your mere existence some days makes me feel like I’m going insane. I’m not going to lie. We wouldn’t work if we weren’t both a little crazy. So fuck me like the crazy bitch I know you can be . Cause baby oh baby I don’t want to be your child, I gots my own, I got me and I’m here to get you under me on top of me don’t matter how bring that booty of yours over here. Shame you ever have to sit on it but don’t worry I’ve got an idea we can just set you groin in my mouth mmmm the settle flavors drive me wild. So baby tackle me cause you already got me Locked down show me something new take me on a new adventure I trust you to keep me safe.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Take a guess see if you can make sense out of it welcome to my mind

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The Fight of Two

The constant storm,

I dread of it

First it's still,

And then it's hit


I happy thee,

Friendly among them

But lies I find,

So, have I, sprung condemn


Oh! It lies, it lies!

It knows not what of me

The deceit it brings,

Transforms all to she!


I understand not,

of all these deceits

But understand this,

with all, shall come defeats!

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bowing down
to his demands
pieces of her
died away …

the unraveling
… completed …

he took her heart
… and went back home.

dhf. 10-31-12

© Debbie Finlay

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falling down

falling down

in the dark that hovered ‘round
she tried to find a way back home
but when her eyes could not guide her
she wandered through the night alone …

using hands to feel around her
walking closely to the wall
praying to someone she can’t see
to lead her so she doesn’t fall …

easing down onto the floor
to find a safer place to be
lead her through this maze of madness
to a place where she’d be free …

never one to be defeated
even when she’s on the edge
reaching for that fading lifeline
before she falls off of the ledge …

she could stay – and quickly fade
or she could stand and walk away
taking baby steps if needed
to get her through each trying day …

we choose our light, we choose our dark
lay down and die or stand and fight
curse the fates or give some thanks
that there are days when life is right.

a victor ~ though she still falls down.

© Debbie Finlay

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never having climbed too far
she hadn't far to fall ...
the choices were not easy ones
with her back against the wall ~

the steady sound of water drips
was all that she could hear …
their ever rising levels
added fuel to her fears ~

she couldn’t jump – she couldn’t stay
she knew she’d die here either way …
with arms uplifted, clutching air
her final debt was paid.

may she rest in peace.

© Debbie Finlay

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Drip Drop

Drip drop as the blood flow out of my wrist onto the floor,
wondering if I should go through the light near the door.
I get closer and closer but something is pulling me back.
Looking at the light wondering what’s truly holding me back.
Peace and beauty is all I see, is this for me?
why can't I enter and be rid of this fright.
Why must I continue to fight?
Standing with blood all around my feet, maybe my choice was not truly a defeat.
I asked for forgiveness and stated, peace is all I seek.
Drip drop the blood puddling at my feet, time stops and my life flashes before my eyes.
I walk into the light, now finding myself waking from what appeared to be a dream.
Now I keep asking myself, what does this dream mean?

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Our Family, My family

Our family, My family

Our family, My family, so broken and divided are we
So caught up with anger amongts ourselves, so much we cannot see
So focused on bitter disputes and drawn out battle lines
Still trying to achieve victory against these unbreakable vines
Stuck in the murkey water trying to get free
Our family, my family so broken and divided are we...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Hope you guys like it!

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