Internet Girl

Through endless void of cyberspace
I see your typed out words,
Never knowing your true form face,
Often wondering if I'm just being absurd
By guessing who or what you really are,
From what planet you're from or what distant star...

Sometimes you state you are nearby,
It turns out you're in some distant place,
Asking me to book an airline flight so you can really fly,
It turns out to be just another endless chase,
To find out who or what you really are,
From what planet you're from or what distant star...

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The frustration of internet dating...

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Emerging from the depths of darkness,
lurks a being, so cold and heartless.
It's vision is gone, for many years lost.
Other senses are strong, well worth the cost.

It preys upon weakness and tracks down the small.
It plays with uniqueness, attacking us all.
The movement is silent, not even a sound,
A definite improvement, for a tyrant renowned.

It deals, it feels, with selfish ideals.
It steals and reveals it likes you for its meals.
Don't write or recite or attempt to excite,
The height and the might of the parasite.

Seek not to maim, blame, or even defame.
For the same frame gave the monster its name.

When caught in the light you see its enormity
Afterthought, you're right, its name is conformity.

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There is something crucial I feel I should mention,
amidst all of this newfound attention.
This truly is a miracle for me.
I'm not being satirical, an honest decree.
For a time now I've been feeling depressed,
This point I believe I've already professed.
Despite the test and rhyming jest,
I must attest, defeated and stressed.

I'm overwhelmed and in pain with the daily mundane.
I strain to explain, yet detain my disdain.
They succeed to impede my right to be freed.
I plead and agreed to concede to their greed.

Trapped, alone, overpowered with despair,
Strapped, overthrown, a coward unaware.

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This is fun

It's time to refine this thought of mine. To underline, design, and further define. One can't help but notice the attention. Something beyond all comprehension. Little did I expect, aware I was not. Such an effect, my senses are shot. Failed to foresee, unable to compute. Now I agree, unfit to dispute.

The power of rhyme, one can plainly see. A forgotten paradigm, buried under debris. Does it please, entertain, and fill with emotion? Bring you down to you knees to attain devotion? So luring, attractive, it must cause ill health. I'm assuring, proactive, revealing its wealth. Spreading information is important to me, besetting inspiration is all I can see. Never before has my domain seen traffic. I abhor, it's insane, almost pornographic.

I think it's time to face the music. The masses demand I change the rubric. The first of many, my decision is final. My thirst for any provision of viral. So go, be free, spread amongst the net. Know I'll agree, adjust, yet still fret. A worry that gnaws, a smack I find. The flurry of applause that can hijack a mind. Can I keep it going despite the pressure? While blindly ignoring my newly found stressor? All in all, I guess it's worth a try. I'll fall, I'll stall, to Earth, goodbye.

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u have no idea what im trying to say

my fucked up head

Im stuck im stuck and i cant get out... I dnt knw how to set it free.
I dnt knw how to say and explain y im hurtin y im lost
and i dnt knw how to explain a never ending race to nowhere...
Im not sure there are words to describe how much i hurt when i say i hate u or how much i hate me for hurting u first.
It hurts to tell u that im dying inside for somethin that doesnt exist.
I dnt think u understand how much i hate u how much i want to hurt u for makin me want to hurt u.
Pill after pill killin the feelin killin the pain...

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