Emerging from the depths of darkness,
lurks a being, so cold and heartless.
It's vision is gone, for many years lost.
Other senses are strong, well worth the cost.

It preys upon weakness and tracks down the small.
It plays with uniqueness, attacking us all.
The movement is silent, not even a sound,
A definite improvement, for a tyrant renowned.

It deals, it feels, with selfish ideals.
It steals and reveals it likes you for its meals.
Don't write or recite or attempt to excite,
The height and the might of the parasite.

Seek not to maim, blame, or even defame.
For the same frame gave the monster its name.

When caught in the light you see its enormity
Afterthought, you're right, its name is conformity.

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A swipe at those from the manner born? Conformity - depends on who the role model is. I'd conform to a room full of chocolate cake eaters if there is enough to go around - smile - Lady A