Thoughts on the Third Floor


Striking the keys in my notebook

I think about the syntax of my unfinished paragraph.

Research is locked inside my vault, and won’t commit itself
to paper. As I take a

breath of fresh, recycled library air, I lift my eyes beyond
my computer screen,

past the orange chair to my right

out of the long picture window, above the valley but below
the sun.


 The moisture in the air mixed with orange hues of light

 looks like me—it seems to hold thoughts of its own; thoughts
made of water that

resist the ground (but who could blame them?).

On the other hand, my pages need filling and we need the







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Many years ago I bought a laptop.

It's so outdated, I call it a craptop.

I want to sell it but nobody wants it because it's eighteen years old.

I'm asking a quarter for it at my yard sale but it still hasn't been sold.

When I sold a rod and reel, I offered to throw in the laptop for free.

But the guy told me to shove it up my ass because it only has 2 Megabytes of Memory.

If it was a person, it would be old enough to get married, vote and smoke.

This prehistoric thing doesn't even have a CD-Rom Drive and that's no joke.

This thing is so frustrating, it takes twenty minutes for it to get on Ebay.

Nobody wants this damn thing, the garbage men won't even take it away!

If you want to buy my laptop, I'll sell it to you for a nickel.

I can tell that you don't want it either, I sure am a pickle.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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Saluting Master Computer!

Computer is an invention to adore,
Computers have gone into our system’s deep core!

A computer is being used as a pen,
Unbelievable addiction to computers,
We are just hooked to them,
Not knowing how and when?

A computer can give many options to work on….
Sitting on a computer, hours can be gone!

It’s amazing to use e-mail, chatting and face book,
A computer is a great entertainment cook!

A computer plays a role of a good friend,
Your time spent with a computer, mostly has a good end!

When a man made machine is so great!
Think of the Master Computer who opened life’s gate?

Do we ever see the awe in Nature, Sun, Rain and Stars?
Do we give our gratitude to the Lord, for the given minutes and hours…..

Master Computer god gives us water and food everyday!
Do we thank him for the breath taken, any day!

Everything given by god is taken for granted…..
Remember life is short, blessings are wanted!

Pay back to the world with good deeds!
The master computer god,
Will bring you happiness, taking away your weeds!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A strong association between Computer and Master Computer!

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The promise of a better world

The human/computer interface, live inside the V-world, live forever, become your own god. Create, destroy, and never die.

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