To Find Myself Without Love

I smiled and let you in;

You tripped on my wires.

Explosions made you run to me closer,

Unaware I felt the tremors of every footstep that neared me,

So I sank, as you held on tightly.


My body survives, but my mind stays with the current,

Returning me to you once again;
I’m a slave to hungry love.

Following the path to where you wait for me, always,

Forgiveness comes easy;
When I found myself, you seemed so far away.


Pulling misguided arrows from my chest,

Leaving you behind as I cast my boat off to sunrise,

Rowing down to where the river meets the sky,

Gathering my wings;

Flying solo.


The sky offers no freedom,

Only tiredness and lonesome,

Clarity of thoughts beat needles into sanity.

Crashing into whirlpools, escaping into waterfalls,

Chasing thirst in the deserts of your land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Giving up what is loved because together there can be no progress, just the same cycle on repeat

Letters From The Moon

To want 'more' of something creates an assumption, a query, a debate of sorts within the self that there is an awareness of lack within the self. So before reaching for 'more' I have found it beneficial to examine if there is indeed 'lack'. To win 'more', out of a need that underlies the things we choose to see, as opposed to that which we refuse to see, can lead exactly where we do not want to be, only to feel the perceived need for more of the same lack. Introspection of oneself beyond the surface lack is what makes a winner. You can be the best at anything you want to be, if you see yourself as the best at the start of the journey. There may be no medal of honor, no red carpet, no crown of glory or paved paths of precious gems. There will only be the divine knowledge of gaining the insight of your truth and your purpose, which is a only a trophy that rests in the sacredness of infinity....that's all it is.   ;-) 


Chase your dream. If you get tired along the way, ask yourself for more of what is lacking.... ;-)



© 2013

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Sad Love Poems

I had a map to her heart with love intentions but somewhere along the road I loss direction // It seems I took a detour on limbo ave // now it feels like im chasing last // Baby girl it feels like our love is never gonna meet // cuz the longer I keep chasing // you just seem further down the street // & I know in my heart we share the same feelings but sometimes I gotta question // seeing signs of the recession showing signs of no progression // so sometimes I stop & take a moment to rethink // & it's at that moment when I feel we're close enough to meet // cuz when I look up // u seem to notice & backstep a couple feet // so at this minute I'm type confused with all of ur mixed signals // & its funny cuz im the type of niqqa that finds everything so nimble // so it's either chase or be chased huh // yea a lose lose situation // dam why can't we just meet in the middle and stop all of this frustration // but with u I guess it gotta be that difficult // & it's all worth it to get that end result // every step is what builds the love thats growing // cuz it's the chase that keep you and me going // that enthusiasm of our unknowing.


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