love addiction


DaddyO's BDSM

by DaddyO

New Relationship Energy dances

And reflects her smile from his eyes
The glares rebound in dumbfounded glances
Projecting the look of goodbye

Apparently I'm not a conduit
For this N.R.E. like her
Supposedly I "conduit" alone
Because that's what fate prefers

Disabled is how I tend to feel
When I think too much.
Wondering why others' N.R.E.
Isn't considered a crutch

My King-sized bed instead feels dead;
These sleepless nights alone,
When seen with my queen so keen and sheen
I'd sit upon a throne

Disdained, I waned, while breaking down,
My listlessness insists,
Our O.R.E. she's feigned, and found
That I need not exist

Author's Notes/Comments: 

for Tanya, 2013 

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To Find Myself Without Love

I smiled and let you in;

You tripped on my wires.

Explosions made you run to me closer,

Unaware I felt the tremors of every footstep that neared me,

So I sank, as you held on tightly.


My body survives, but my mind stays with the current,

Returning me to you once again;
Iā€™m a slave to hungry love.

Following the path to where you wait for me, always,

Forgiveness comes easy;
When I found myself, you seemed so far away.


Pulling misguided arrows from my chest,

Leaving you behind as I cast my boat off to sunrise,

Rowing down to where the river meets the sky,

Gathering my wings;

Flying solo.


The sky offers no freedom,

Only tiredness and lonesome,

Clarity of thoughts beat needles into sanity.

Crashing into whirlpools, escaping into waterfalls,

Chasing thirst in the deserts of your land.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Giving up what is loved because together there can be no progress, just the same cycle on repeat