My most sincere prayer

My Most Sincere Prayer



Dear Lord, thank you for all you have given me. Forgive me my sins, please guide my heart, words and actions that I might be a better man tomorrow. Lord I swear on my soul. If I am given another chance,  I will give her all of me. I will give her honesty and trust.  I will keep my word to her in all things. I will strive to make us both more than we are. I will study and follow your way Lord, lead our house to you , and both of us ultimately into your Kingdom. I swear Lord that should you bless us with a child, it will be raised in your light, knowing of your word and your love. I will hold her above all things in this world, and apriciate her as the most precious gift that she has always been,  but I at times failed to see. I will make her my queen, I will bow before her,  humble in the presence of her grace. I will let her lead me when I am lost. And lead her should she ever be so. I will let her support me and hold me up when I am weary.  And I will never let her fall when she is the same. I will turn away from selfishness in all things, and put her needs and her desires above my own every time I am given the honor of having the opportunity. I promise to serve her, in any way I can every time I can,  and I will be vigilant, ever watching for ways to do so, that she not always need ask, and in so doing serve you. I will never mistreat, disrespect or neglect her. I will speak to her with patience , love and reverence, even should I become angry with her. I will never become lazy or complacent, but instead work tirelessly, that she may rest, or better, we rest togather when our work is done . I will love her Lord, I will love her so that my actions, words, deeds, and my determination to do so make stronger the very meaning of the word. I will conduct myself with composure and calm, never saying anything hurtful, or harsh. I will remember that she is not perfect and I will never expect her to be. Not one day Lord will I ever forget that I am but a poor wretch in her presence, a flawed and undeserving man standing in the light of an angel that you have sent to me. And I promise Lord that on my knees, I would declare every word of this before any who would hear me. Never hiding it from any for the sake of my own pride. I ask for your mercy Lord,  mercy and guidance for a poor sinner and a fool. In the name of Jesus I pray, 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just an actual prayer I wrote down,  I changed the wording to make it flow a little better and strike more romantically,  but it is in its meaning as I prayed it. It's about a woman who has taken me.  This ladles and gentlemen is the real deal.  My entire being has shifted.  I see no one else. After almost 6 years she still sets me on fire.  I still feel that little explosion in my chest every  time I hear her name or see it written. 

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KindredSpirit's picture

You have inspired me

It is great that you have found

Someone that is worthy

Of your Love and Devotion.

I hope she reciprocates

In like kind.


Without taking advantage of the power

She holds over you.

Love is a powerful and beautiful thing

That could remain pristine

If not for all the worldly forces.


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Thank you for your words...

Thank you for your words... Yes she is certainly worthy. And I have no doubt that she is the only one that I have ever met that is. And no, I am very confident that she would never take advantage,  she has a heart and soul that are every bit as beautiful as she is.   In the aging and morally  decaying world we live in today, I find that it is increasingly difficult to find someone worthy. Therefore I strongly believe that when we do,  we had better be sure that this is the case,  and then give it and them absolutely everything we have, to the last grain, every minute of every day. 

Open your eyes o' wretched fool. They see but are blind, and by lies they are ruled. 

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So true

My good man.

You have truly been blessed.


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I do finally feel blessed

I do finally feel blessed man.  For so long I really couldn't see it.  It took a very serious event to open my eyes there a  while back. So with that in mind,  I think the higher blessing is knowing that one is blessed and seeing it clearly that you might feel thankful and give thanks. An underappriciated blessing is no blessing at all. 

Open your eyes o' wretched fool. They see but are blind, and by lies they are ruled. 

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Very Poetic

writing in your Author's Notes/comments. You r there.

Rhythm flow excellent unrehearsed from mind to page in pure emotion. 

 ~ allets~



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Thank you. Yes that is how I

Thank you. Yes that is how I write for the most part. It's almost as if my heart or my mind forms an idea, ideal, or picture of something. And the words sort of arrange themselves around it. But if I try to re-arrange them, it falls apart. I do go back and correct grammar and structure a little though.  I do intend to try to form some works later,  you know, like a hiku, or other traditional works. But for now I think I should just let it be as it is. Don't you think ? 

Open your eyes o' wretched fool. They see but are blind, and by lies they are ruled. 

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Thank you.  Much apriciated.

Thank you.  Much apriciated. I have just recently begun to attempt to write somewhat seriously. So any feedback is welcome and wanted.....a lot of credit goes to my muse I suppose, on that one particularly. 

Open your eyes o' wretched fool. They see but are blind, and by lies they are ruled.