*Life After Death*

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins
Life after death
Once we are born
We've used up our very first breath
And our heart
Has start to become worn
Our soul and body begin to part
What do we have to look for 
Once it is our time to go 
For every passing day
The angels above know
The first birth we want again 
Life..we want more 
Memories.. it's just in our mind
We only have them now to store 
But if we could only pray
To keep living.. 
A way we try to find
God would show all new things
Our dreams can come true
A wonderful life God will bring
Only his angel knew
Life after death
We will need to catch a ride on their wing
A new life will begin
With our own set of wings
To fly above in the sky
Everyday a new baby sings
Whenever a spirit moves on 
A christmas bell rings
Only god knows our fate
Finish your business on earth
Forget about hate
In your heart
Only store love
Because soon from earth we will part
You'll know when it's your day
When you take your last gasp of air
And see that warming light
Every worry you once held
No longer for it do you care
When you get to heaven a beautiful sight
Your love for your family you'll always share
This new life don't fight 
God will be there 
With your life after death
Your prayers God will forever hear
He will be by your side 
When you finally take your last breath
Welcoming you to your next life
He will be next to you on your ride
To the heavens above
With the angels in white
And Gods ever lasting love
To heavens door
Floating in the sky
He will help you through it all 
When its your time to die
And when the angels his name they call
Your soul is now free
To roam where it wants
With God you will always be 
Here on earth only your memory will haunt
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