Wandering Traveler

Come fellow travelers and wandering folks.

Come and hear a tale about ghouls and ghosts.


Come sit around the fire and warm your hands.

Come and share stories about distant lands.


Come drink my wine and laugh at my jokes.

Come and sing songs about dreams and hopes.


Come listen to the drum beat and dance on the sand.

Come and watch the moon in the night sky so grand.


For when the morning comes and we bid farewell.

There will be no more stories and tales to tell.


For you will continue on your travels , while I remain.

Never to sing songs and dance again.


My purpose fulfilled, I shall crawl and hide back in my shell.

A stranger to all, alone I shall dwell.


But through your stories , the world will know my name.


They will know about the stranger who dwells in the spiritual plane

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Well, as a traveler, you

Well, as a traveler, you spoke my name.

So i listened to your story from the spirit plane.

It made me feel you were talking to me.

As i sit on the sand with my drum at my feet.


Copyright © morningglory

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Thank you and loved your

Thank you and loved your little poem here too fellow traveler :)