Pinoy Na Super (In Tagalog With English or Taglish Language)








Pinoy Na Super (In Tagalog With English or Taglish Language)



Pinoy na super;

isang taong malala,

siya daw may-ari—

Author's Notes/Comments: 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This poem is an abstract idea and does not pertain to any particular person.  Like most art, they are subject to interpretation, as well.

Reupdated on 12.23.2019:  1.)  I have edited the misspelled/mistyped word "reorganjze" and supplanted it for "reorganize" below, 2.)  I have also added onto the term "narrative poem" the slash + word "/verse" in order to denote a short narrative poem or verse.

Reedited on 12.18.2019 02:42:  (I simply reconfirmed that I added to the hashtags the following words/phrases:  Tagalog, Tagalog Poetry, Tagalog poem, all of which were done already beforehand.  It is not the same case with the other similar reedition.  As I have been reediting these as I go along, I could not help but reorganize my poems.  Hence, I created a folder that would help categorize my poems according to the predominant language that I've used for the entire poem.);

Reedited on 12.18.2019 (typographical error in this Author's Notes/Comments, "errorto" supplanted for "error to");

Reedited/emended/revised/reupdated on 12.17.2019 (the particular language that was used for the poem was corrected just to be more specific & in order to denote the intended meaning for the title & the poem in general.  And I edited the "Isang" by supplanting it for "isang" because I did not really intended it to be capitalized in this narrative poem.

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