You are a trigger, push me to move

but I am stuck behind the window of a motionless train

I don’t know how long I watch the cars pass

and it feels like crying.


I have always traveled alone-

I love the open road, pebbles beneath my feet,

how I can sing with no shame to a heartbeat rhythm

more than someone to walk with.


But now you have tinted all the streets

and I can’t get past the color

I still want to go far alone

but I want to climb high with you.


For a while I have loved your shadow,

I have learned not even you can make sad look pretty

so I drag these compliments down your arm

like the caress of paper glass.


I want to make you blush this skyline

and paint it on so it never leaves.


I want to make you blush a beginning

and keep the end out of sight for as long as we can.


I want to make you blush like I have

when I can’t get you out of my head.


I want to make you blush the ocean

and pour it into my cup to keep for later.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 3/9/17

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allets's picture

"blush the ocean" What A Notion

A cup of blushes - nice. - Stella -