The things kept inside

The Dance

I'm afraid of that day

When you look into my eyes 
And say it's time to say goodbye
This lingering fear to say hello
Because it may be filled with sorrow
The escape my heart takes in yours
Is heady with adventure untold
I want and wish so badly
Of a story written of happy endings
Where feelings of hurt are just fables 
And broken stories are only entertainment 
Maybe in my irrationality
I mask the issue of reality 
The choice I so desperately want to take
Even I, am frightened to say
If I beg fate to be kind
And take this pang of envy inside
Of the bird that flies away
Untouched by sin and pain 
This love feels impossible
And even more what's at stake 
I may love you more 
And your feelings may wane 
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i loved once, pretty

i loved once, pretty strongly. i dont think i will ever love again at least not like that. im afraid to let someone in cause whats stopping it from happening again. we are all just humans, and that scares me

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I agree. It is scary to love

I agree. It is scary to love again but each one of us longs to be cherished and accepted. I think every man and woman hungers for someone to move in the deep recesses of our soul and say it's beautiful. Do agree fear is powerful. But even is more powerful still. I would beseech you, even at risk of offending, to maybe slowly open yourself up once again. You never know what joy it can bring :)





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Love is for the young and those feeling alone or incomplete..

As far as hunger and deep recesses go...once you get old

you have plenty of deep recesses, you go wanting more and

God may just be in good humor that day, and give you a few more!Tongue Out


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: )

Thank you for sharing this!!  For fear of loving, and not being returned is a classic fear we all share.  : )

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That it is. Thank you so much

That it is. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Means a lot to me :)

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ugh! I love your writings

ugh! I love your writings soul... heartbreaking ending here. 

Copyright © morningglory

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Awwwww!! But your writing is

Awwwww!! But your writing is superb<3 it is sad but only a chapter in a book :3