Lost In Paradise


They’re both relative
They don’t mean a thing
Right now we’re alone
A moonlit dance floor
Rapt in your eyes
Lost in Paradise


What happened
How did we get here
It wasn’t so long ago
We weren’t even friends
Now I can’t go on
Not without you
So caught in your smile
Lost in Paradise


A long drive home
Back road wind catching your hair
Moonlight beauty
Saying she’s all mine
The future ahead
The pain all behind
Your lips against mine
Lost in Paradise


A long trip
But you’re here
In the seat next to me
A misread of directions
The beautiful country
But at least we’re together
We’ll make it out alive
Kill my pride for directions
Lost in Paradise


A day not too distant
White all around
I’ve never been so nervous
Then beauty in a gown
The longest walk yet
Then a shower of rice
I promise you myself
And we’re lost in Paradise


And sometime down the road
Around life’s twists and bends
Two rocking chairs
Surrounded by grandkids
Two old people
Still madly in love
Going to leave for the skies
Get lost in Paradise

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this is beautiful!! i love

this is beautiful!! i love this! this is my ABSOLUTE favorite poem of yours! reading, i can see it all. I put myself into parts of the story that was told. it's like i can see it all and breathe it all in. Wonderful work!!! please keep writing!!!!

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Thank you

Thank you

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