A Broken Glass



A broken glass               

pointed angles all over

giving off its light dimly

Waiting for a trigger.     


The broken glass may be a piece of Diamond 

Creating Aura from its universe

Strength from its nucleus

Fragility in shadow

Silence in clearness


Words in color

Beauty in balance

Passion in calm

Reflection from darkness


See all these sincerities appear on his surface

just exists for someone to find






Author's Notes/Comments: 


I wrote this poem when I met a man who has beautiful mind but he does not know it himself.


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allets's picture

"broken glass"


This as an image for a man, fragile and damaged, applies over time to all of us.




Sakura's picture

A Broken glass

Thank you for your comment. 

Probably I also can say it apples over to all.

allets's picture

"Words in color"

Nice image - slc